July 17, 2024

Let us tell you about a person who is a young entrepreneur named Harsh Palrecha, he is only 17 years old, you must have wondered how one can become an entrepreneur at such a young age. But success depends on your thinking and your hard work.  Harsh Palrecha, a resident of Hubli Karnataka, is currently a student. But he has done more than 26 online digital courses like sales marketing, digital marketing, business management etc. He feels that these days people have a lot of opportunities to earn money because everything is available on the internet. There is a lot of knowledge on the internet for you which you can use to make yourself successful.
Harsh Palrecha collected information about fashion and their online sales etc for 1 year and in the year 2022 it took flight of his dreams. Harsh Palrecha’s company name is “BLAXK”. BLAXK is a premium clothing brand, Which brings to your attention the quality, style, exclusivity and luxury of BLAXK. BLAXK brings 7 new designs every week and 5 exclusive collections every month. BLAXK aims to deliver the clothes of your choice at the doorstep of your home, it takes a lot of time to choose just 7 designs because first their highly qualified designers select the best designs from a plethora of trending designs and then their team selects some 30-50 collections from it and then its fashion experts shortlist that collection and then it finalizes 15-20 units. BLAXK has collaborated with more than 5 reputed companies in Digital Marketing, Fashion Styling etc.

The name ‘BLAXK’ is derived from the color ‘Black’ because black plays a huge role in fashion. They’ve replaced the “C” with “X,” meant to take your class to an extreme level with BLAXK’s extreme fashion.
Harsh Palrecha’s future plans and expansion plans are to bring growth in the fashion industry with his extreme sense of fashion with his bold apparels.
Website : http://www.blaxk.co 
Instagram : https://instagram.com/hkpharshpalrecha?igshid=MTA0ZTI1NzA=
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