September 25, 2023

Founded by sisters Waad and Sheyma Al Hammadi, Gabi Dubai is the go-to fashion brand combing the traditions of Emirati women with a modern twist.
The story behind Gabi might be a bit stereotypical but it all started with our mum. Our mum was always our first inspiration. She was a fashion icon, stylist and influencer. What’s more in- spiring is that she used to tailor her own fits and discover different fabrics, colours and patterns. She made us fall in love with the fashion world more day by day. Looking back at her style in the old days was a label for Gabi and the latest trends. As of today, there have been so many highlights and it has been an incredible journey. It’s amazing when we look back and think about what we have managed to achieve over the past two years. Starting Gabi felt like being so close to other human beings. We’ve been attracted to fashion since our youth.
Sheyma AlHammadi
Another inspiration we had was from the famous architect Van Der Rohe. In one of his well-known principles, he mentioned that less is more. Gabi runs by the concept of being minimalistic and modest which gives you more value and makes you pop out within the fashion industry.
Gabi represents the custom of traditions of Emirati women back in the old days. Regardless of the change, we face in today’s world and in the fashion industry, Gabi holds on tightly to the concept of designing fashionable, modest, oversized and elegant fits for all with a modern twist going back to the idea of keeping our customs and traditions alive.
Gabi’s identity is that all of our designs are oversized and that is what makes us unique and different. In other words, Gabi is finding comfort all the time, designed for all occasions and fits all women from teens to young adults, perfect for maternity wear and so on. One size and fits all.
Gabi luxury Abaya
Speaking of the fashion industry located here in the region, there is a rapid growth in trends, fabrics, designs and more which excites us to brainstorm, become more educated and understand the preferences of the consumers within the GCC region as they have similar customs and traditions in terms of fashion and clothing, This is considered to be an opportunity for Gabi which allows us to gather all new fashion tips and tricks to come up with more sophisticated modern oversized fits.
What drives us the most is the amount of time we took to imagine the future of Gabi up close. We envision Gabi as a woman who portrays an Emirati woman. We knew what Gabi looked like, the way she is dressed, the way she speaks (her dialogue) and her character. We have studied her until she was dug deep down into our brains. It’s the vision that motivates us. We have always envisioned her in the future and to be Gabi we started acting like her from day one.
Never be a perfectionist because it delays work. As we started it took us so long to launch as we were trying to be perfect and to learn we needed to make mistakes. That’s the only key to success to learn from our mistakes.
We only faced one major hurdle which was people weren’t welcoming the concept of everything being oversized and we struggled by convincing them and educating them about the story behind our concept. Later, we stopped as we realized they weren’t our target audience.
Waad AlHammadi
What we are most excited about is showing the world who a Gabi woman is.
We break down the definition of entrepreneurship into six factors which are: business, finance, health, family, self-development and spirituality. Improving in these areas means that we are becoming successful. It wouldn’t work without it as they are all connected, and they add up to each other.
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