June 17, 2024

AN entrepreneur and former e-commerce seller has revealed how she makes $100 an hour from her couch.
Taylor Couch, known on TikTok as @buildwealthfromhome2, recently shared a quick video informing her thousands of followers how to make money without ever having to leave their living rooms.
According to Taylor, it's possible to get paid $100 per hour to participate in research studies.
In order to take part in what seems like a too-good-to-be-true job, Taylor suggests opening up your laptop and going to userinterviews.com
She then proceeds to show that signing up on the website and registering as a participant is the first step.
Next, you must "set up your profile," something Taylor says can be done within a couple of minutes.
The next screen that pops up on Taylor's laptop reads: "Paid Research: Top companies want your feedback.
"Make money participating in user research studies and help influence the products and services of tomorrow.
"Participating is fun and easy – give your opinion on new product ideas and prototypes, test an app or website, or simply talk about your life experiences.
"Apply to studies below, and we'll send you more paid study opportunities."
Taylor advises anyone following her steps to success to scroll the website "until you find one you like."
Once a participant comes across something they're interested in, all they have to do is click "apply."
Taylor explains in her video's overlay text: "You will be notified once you are approved and then you can get paid."
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For other quick and easy ways to make extra cash, The U.S. Sun listed a few ideas.
Pet sitting, house sitting, renting out your car, and pool cleaning are just some of the many ways someone can make extra money.
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