May 18, 2024

THERE's a way you can make $5,000 a month and part of it requires a Costco membership.
TikToker thewillrivera regularly produces business and side hustle content to his nearly 220,000 followers.
Recently, he shared a video about what his little brothers do at only age 15 to make some serious money.
It can be a simple gig and it can net you a profit of $5,000 a month, Will claimed – but there is a start-up cost and you need some funds in the banks to get going.
But Will said in regards to the gig he revealed,“the easiest way to get into this game is just to get a Costco membership."
The lowest tier Costco membership costs $60 per year.
You will also need an Amazon Seller account, which normally costs around $40 each month.
Once you have the seller account, you can scan start scanning products and see what they go for on the marketplace.
Will revealed that every other day his brothers will go to Costco and scan at least 20 products.
This way, once they purchase them, they are able to make a huge profit from selling these items at a higher price.
There’s absolutely no paperwork necessary from Amazon if you are just getting products locally.
That means it’s costs just $100 to start with the upside of raking in $5,000 each month.
“Then with whatever money you do have leftover after that, that would be your money to source these products,” Will said.
Additionally, if you have income from another job, it will be easy to plug into this side hustle for inventory and quadruple your earnings.
According to Will, that means you could make a total of $60,000 per year just from shopping and reselling from Costco.
One product example Will’s brothers sell successfully is Premier Protein shake bottles.
An 18-pack at Costco could go for $10.
But when reselling, you can easily make $30 or $40 from that one pack alone, according to Will.
This nets you a pretty hefty profit depending on how many products you decide to buy in the first place.
“So imagine,” Will said.
“Whatever money you do have, the more money you do have, the more money you can flip.”
More than 50 percent of the US population has an Amazon Prime account, Will said, so the market is wide and products are moving fast.
“It’s a crazy opportunity for any of you guys watching,” Will told followers.
He added Costco isn’t the only place you can shop to have some resale success.
Sam’s Club, Burlington, even Walmart offer low prices for products that will sell at higher rates on Amazon.
“Anything you see that has a rollback price, that’s probably going for double on Amazon.”
Beyond just scanning Costco or Walmart for the best deals for resells, consider selling your own used products as well.
These could be worth even more than what you find at a retail store.
Thrift stores and used book shops can offer especially valuable products at prices you can’t beat.
While you can do all the shipping yourself, that might take a lot of time out of your day.
Amazon offers to store and ship the products you’re selling for a small cost, but it could be very much worth the convenience.
Amazon also allows users to sell their own books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. 
Keep in mind, earning great profits from this endeavor will require you to know how to market yourself.
You're also taking a bit of a risk. For example, if you buy items that you don't sell for a profit, then you will end up footing the bill.
Make sure that you have enough cash in savings before you try and start up a side hustle like this.
You also need to beware of fees when selling items online. Do your research before you get going.
And for many teenagers, this side hustle could be out of reach.
Amazon currently requires sellers to be at least 18 years of age.
Before starting a side hustle, keep in mind that you could be in for a surprise tax bill from the Internal Revenue Service.
Side income like this is considered income.
There are plenty of other side hustle options for those who might not want to spend hours strolling through Costco’s aisles.
Just at Amazon alone, an influencer has revealed how to make $20,000 a month by creating and selling puzzle books.
You can also make $7,000 a month by just being a good listener.
Plus, an entrepreneur has revealed the best side hustles for beginners, ranging from pet care to selling products.
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