June 20, 2024

Entrepreneurs can help learn more about the steps they took to get where they are now at the zenith of their careers. Jeet Chandan is an experienced entrepreneur and founder who has completely changed the course of industries across the land. He is a marketing maestro and a fintech specialist who has created a legacy in the entrepreneurial world. He works with the vision of bringing changes to the ever-evolving planet. With the aim to join entrepreneurs and businesses with the idea of new orders, Jeet has built significant platforms like – Entremax, BizDateup, and Shortgun.
Below are some of the frequently asked questions that Jeet Chandan answers with a personal and professional set of mind:
Question 1. Can you share a few interesting lessons you learned while taking up entrepreneurship?
In this journey, it is essential to reach the destination and learn a few lessons. I have always been positive and perseverant in my humble journey as an entrepreneur. There were times when I challenged myself in order to become a better version of myself. The other days were great and motivated me to grow as a person. It can be a financial and emotional rollercoaster, but it always works in your favour. I have learned more about life and its purpose than learning about major assets about marketing, trends, businesses and finance. 
Question 2. What essential qualities do you think an entrepreneur must possess?
There are no specific qualities for an entrepreneur, but one needs to be focused, self-driven, and goal-oriented to become successful. Must have a positive approach towards work, confident and hard-working. Businesses run on risks, and at that moment in time, a successful leader must be certain about his abilities to revert such crises’ and stay updated with changes in the market and consumer behaviour.
Question 3. Mention a few barriers in the Indian business world that motivated you to start problem-solving platforms.
A few key pointers one can focus on are Capital for a sound business, a comprehensive plan of action for the upcoming firm, and a true passion for the trade in which one wants to compete. In the business realm, it is difficult to collect funds for opening a business, followed by the problem of proper knowledge and awareness about enterprises. Finally, appropriate finances, a business set of rules, and a prevailing mind to conquer the enigma. Hence, I have induced many platforms that fix entrepreneurs’ problems today. The wisdom that one is confident about goes a long way in triumphing it.
Question 4. What are some new initiatives that you have taken up as an entrepreneur?
Business is a vast subject with infinite possibilities and new developments within the sector every year. I have also taken the initiative and introduced a blockchain gaming platform named ‘Shortgun.’ It is a platform that is paving the path to the Metaverse. This new venture is a shout-out to the latest digital technology revolution that is yet to come.
Question 5. What do you think about the scope of entrepreneurship in major cities?
Even though the Tier 1 cities of India have historically served as the regions to pilot for entrepreneurs and startup founders from all over the world, Indian entrepreneurs are not content with their penetration level in the nation’s premier cities. They mainly concentrate on Tier 2, Tier 3, and beyond cities. The IT sector was one of the first to recognize the potential of India’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. While all other sectors have reached a saturation point, in entrepreneurship, there’s still scope. Thus, India’s startups have generally adapted to the evolving trends.
Entrepreneurship is a sorted career with a robust support system and well-established financial grounds. In this competitive world, people aspire to become more and more accomplished. Everybody has the potential to become the best version of themselves and make an honest living out of it. These guiding principles shared by the youthful entrepreneur endures well.
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