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As an actor, activist and entrepreneur, Jennifer Garner is one of our favorite people in Hollywood and it’s always great to see nice people succeed. She’s certainly done that, having starred in the thriller/sci-fi show Alias for five seasons and now as the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Once Upon a Farm, which has grown exponentially since she helped set up the business. It begs the question as to what Jennifer Garner’s net worth is, particularly after her marriage to Ben Affleck, which had no prenup and was finalized more than four years ago.
Jennifer Garner is best known for her role in the espionage thriller Alias, which was created by J. J. Abrams, as the CIA agent Sydney Bristow. The show debut on TV in 2001 and lasted five seasons. Garner has also starred in a number of our favorite romantic comedies, most notably 13 Going on 30 in 2004, where she played an awkward and unpopular teenager, Jenna Rink, who wants to skip her life ahead and become a 30-year-old. She gets her wish, but things don’t go as planned. But let’s get back to Jennifer Garner’s net worth because she made a seriously exciting announcement in recent years that shows how well she’s done in the world of business.
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What is Jennifer Garner’s net worth? Celebrity Net Worth estimates Garner is worth about $80 million. That puts her as one of the highest-paid product endorsers, working with brands like Neutrogena and Capital One. Her first leading role was in a movie called Rose Hill, but her big break came in 2001 with Alias. It proved to be Garner’s career turning point with a salary that would eventuate in $150,000 per episode. While filming Alias, Garner had a handful of film roles including Daredevil in 2003 opposite Ben Affleck, who would become her husband in 2005. 13 Going on 30 continues to be one of her most beloved films and it grossed $96 million worldwide. Garner received a base $3 million salary for that movie, and she would have received a percentage of the global earnings.
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In addition to her acting career, the Golden Globe winner has forged a lucrative living with endorsement deals for skincare brand Neutrogena and Capital One. Celebrities don’t typically get a yearly salary for endorsement deals but are put on contracts lasting several years with multiple commercials per year. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Garner’s earnings would be around $10-15 million for a five-year contract and those funds are usually paid upfront.
Not only that, but Garner is the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Once Upon a Farm, which is an organic baby food and healthy children’s snacks brand. At Fast Company’s annual innovation festival on September 23, 2022, the Alias star said the business has grown considerably in just one year. “The business has grown a lot,” she said, the Daily Mail reported. “As a matter of fact, when we were here last time, we were less than $1 million a year and now by the end of this year we’re in the $100 million dollars.” In March 2022, the business announced it had closed $52 million in funding to support its rapid growth. “I’ve never been involved with a company at this level where I’m in to win it on a day-to-day basis and inserting myself in places I don’t even belong, just because I get to, and because John is kind enough to let me in,” she said in an interview with Forbes. “I’m so just driven by the mission, driven by the partnership with John, and by this incredible team that we have put together and super excited about the future.”

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What was Jennifer Garner’s Alias salary? Over five seasons, Garner’s salary rose from $40,000 to $150,000 per episode by the end of the series, according to Entertainment Weekly in an article published in 2003. That’s about $1 million a season growing to roughly $3.3 million per season. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but Garner said the filming schedule demanded a lot from her. “I really didn’t [have a life]. And that’s what it required,” she told TV Line in 2016. “My weeks…it sounds like a joke… When you talk about an 18-hour day, you really are going in at 5 in the morning and you really are coming out in the, you know, close to midnight. It really is that long of a day. Often, I would start with the first unit and overlap in the middle of the day and be working on two units and then I would finish with the second unit. So, the crew had gone home because of their overtime… and I would stay put and do both. And then go home and learn eight pages and get up and work out and do it all again.”
How much did Jennifer Garner in her Ben Affleck divorce settlement? It’s not entirely known but TMZ reported at the time that there was no prenup, meaning their fortune had to be split down the middle. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were married for 12 years between 2005 and 2017. In 2009, they purchased a $17.55 million home in LA’s Pacific Palisades. Their divorce was settled in 2018 but Garner and their children lived in the house until the end of that year. “Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ, Ben and Jen have reached a property settlement, which was complicated and time-consuming because of the fortune that needed to be divided,” gossip site TMZ reported at the time of their split. “We’ve learned the couple did NOT have a prenup, so all of their earnings during their 12-year marriage went into one pot.” After their separation, Garner was said to have bought an $8 million home in Los Angeles’ Brentwood Park neighborhood in early 2019.
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