May 21, 2024

Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li had one of the biggest storylines in the first season of the hit Netflix reality show and she’s been back for every season following. At just 36, Kelly has done a lot with her life and has become a successful entrepreneur. 
The self-made star always seems to have drama following her on the show, but not only that, she has money following her too. Keep reading to find out the reality TVstars net worth as well as exactly how she makes her money. 
According to My Imperfect Life, Kelly is one of four people on the show who is self-made. She is currently a media and production company executive in Los Angeles as well as a partner at Greyscale Lab. 
Prior to this, she was the managing partner at East West Artists, a talent management company. As well as this she is a successful real estate agent and sells luxury properties in and around LA.
Her entrepreneurial skills come from her being the co-founder of a company named Organic Media Group, she has recently founded a media and production company, called Wet Paws Media
Since her business launched she has become a busy woman and this shows throughout the series. At just 36, we have no doubt that Kelly will end up doing some great things with her life. 
According to Heart, Kelly Mi Li is said to have a net worth of around a whopping $5 million (£3.6 million).
The star has made her money through commissions on luxury real estate. Before switching to property, Kelly was also reportedly working in insurance in New York, where she will have stacked up a small fortune. 
Kelly has also been involved in some tech startups – one of which was the first of its kind in LA – and has also worked as a film producer and talent manager. The reality star will also have made a lot of money through her being a leading cast member of Bling Empire for its three seasons. 
We must give it to her – the self-made business mogul has worked hard to get where she is. 
According to Bustle, one of her top priorities is to boost Asian representation through her work, she told the outlet:
I moved [to the US] from China when I was 9, or 10 years old, and growing up I didn’t really have people who looked like me on TV.
On Bling Empire, Kelly has made it clear that she is a busy woman, with work coming first. “I can’t go to lunch five days a week with them,” she says. “I work very hard. Success didn’t come easy; being an entrepreneur is not a nine-to-five. You’re on it 24/7.” 


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