December 2, 2023

A remarkable teen from Queens has proven that a person is never too young to bring about change.
She’s just 14, but “kidpreneur” Kimeila Campbell has already created and launched her very own monthly publication. Released in January on her birthday, YNTY Magazine — which stands for You’re Never Too Young —  is chock-full of great advice and helpful tips for fellow kidpreneurs and budding influencers who are 18 years old or younger.
Nicknamed “Mini Oprah” by her fans and followers, Campbell explained that her goal is to use this innovative platform to encourage other youngsters to follow their dreams — regardless of their age — and start their exciting journeys as hopeful entrepreneurs.
“Nowadays, teenagers look up to affluent women and men on social media and aspire to be like them, unaware of the sacrifices that went into getting them to where they are now,” she said. “Consider your options carefully and make goals for where you want to be in the future.”
Along with fashion tips, trending topics and daily affirmations, young readers can enjoy YNTY’s monthly spotlight feature, as well as suggestions from esteemed professionals and those who have persevered and made it big.
Offering her own advice to kids who want to establish their first business, Campbell said, “Find a support system or someone who can assist you in achieving your goals. Don’t doubt yourself or think that maybe it’s not a great idea; trust in your abilities and go for it. If you don’t have a support system, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my team.”

Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, Campbell started reading at age 2 and it was then that her proud family knew their “whiz kid” was truly brilliant. The teen was featured in various Jamaican media outlets at the time and there was no doubt that her future would be bright.
When she was 6, the youngster moved to Queens and continued to get straight A’s in school, despite all the changes happening in her life. She dreamed of attending Harvard Law School and one day becoming a judge.
At 13, Campbell decided that she really wanted to create her own business but she feared that her age would prevent her from realizing her goals. So the teen’s mom, who is an entrepreneur herself, assured her ambitious daughter that “you are never too young” to turn your dreams into a reality. Those encouraging words jumpstarted the kidpreneur’s future career.
“My mother is my inspiration and the one that has showed me what hard work looks like, and the results you get from doing so,” Campbell said, adding that her celebrity inspiration is Oprah Winfrey because of everything she has accomplished. “I hope to change the world like she has. After going through so much, she has used those experiences to strengthen herself and become such a successful Black woman today.”
Starting in March, YNTY will include a special column, which will provide parents who are (or would like to be) managers of their kid entrepreneurs with the necessary steps they need to take to help and guide their children.
In addition to her role as a magazine publisher, Campbell said she’d like to pursue a professional path when she’s older.

“I’d rather practice family law because I would love to assist families going through difficult circumstances,” she said. “I believe, if it can be avoided, no child should grow up in a broken home. My biological father isn’t actively a part of my life and that has affected me a little but my family unit now is very strong with the love and support of my mother and stepfather. So I understand the importance of having that, and it’s my passion to provide that for other families.”
Campell said that she wants to continue giving a voice for fellow enterprising youngsters like herself.
“When I’m older, I want to continue to be an entrepreneur because I don’t want to stop giving such a tremendous platform for other young entrepreneurs,” she said.
Balancing her personal and professional life can be challenging at times but the busy teen does find time to have fun and unwind.
“A typical day for me consists of going to school for six hours, returning home and devoting some of my time to doing homework, studying and working on my magazine. Depending on the tasks I have, the time I dedicate to it may vary,” Campbell said. “In my spare time, I really enjoy dancing and reading. I am interested in various types of dances but hip-hop and liturgical dance are two of my favorites. The ‘Diary Of a Wimpy Kid’ series by Jeff Kinney is one of my favorite books. When I’m feeling down, these books cheer me up.”
In five years, Campbell said that she envisions YNTY Magazine “being available on newsstands around the world, in various languages; being a household name and the source kidpreneurs go to for advice and inspiration whenever they feel discouraged or overwhelmed.”
This amazing kidpreneur, wise beyond her years, says she refuses to wait until she’s older to make her impact on the world.
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