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Cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy after midnight. Low around 40F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph..
Cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy after midnight. Low around 40F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.
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Jeffrey Davis.
The cover of the Shield of Athena cookbook.
A look at Le Hockey Rink.
Ann Lambert
Erica Diamond

Jeffrey Davis.
The cover of the Shield of Athena cookbook.
A look at Le Hockey Rink.
Ann Lambert
Erica Diamond
Mike Cohen FYi
Small businesses power America. Defined as firms with fewer than 500 employees, they provide jobs for more than half of our private workforce and represent 99.7 per cent of all businesses in the United States. So in our uncertain economic climate, The 24-Hour Turnaround, with its focus on small business success in a turbulent economy, fulfills a pressing need.
The authors, Côte Saint-Luc native Jeffrey S. Davis and Mark Cohen, are uniquely qualified to write this book — a compilation of case studies highlighting entrepreneurial styles, innovations and triumphs. Since 1985, their consulting company, Mage LLC, has guided over 700 small businesses and organizations on issues ranging from marketing and sales to organizational and transitional issues. This book pinpoints the most common situations Mage LLC has encountered with entrepreneurs and owners of private companies. The case studies, based on the authors’ extensive experience with individual entrepreneurs and their organizations, highlight means and methods by which business leaders can achieve their visions and goals, regardless of the nature of the market or the economy.
The 24-Hour Turnaround focuses on leadership, attitudes, strategies and tactics. It enables entrepreneurs to turn a keen analytical eye on their business trajectories and their own leadership styles. It demonstrates the benefits of change, and teaches entrepreneurs how to go about making real change that creates business stability, growth and success. It narrates outlines and situations that entrepreneurs can immediately relate to and offers models for making quick and concrete modifications, remaining open to new ideas while still honoring tradition and company history.
Designed as a practical and easy-to-read guide, The 24-Hour Turnaround enlightens and empowers the small business leader or entrepreneur who wishes to steer a business to success, all within the challenges of a shifting, uncertain economy.
This is the third edition of The 24-Hour Turnaround. Davis and his co-author updated the introduction and every chapter, including current business positions and situations. A chapter on Jewish National Fund has a new score. Copies of the book have been sold all over the world, notably in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Israel. “It has been quite exciting,” Davis told me. “According to Amazon, we were recently number one in 13 categories in three countries — the US, Australia, and England. We believe we tell a series of stories that are of value to every entrepreneur.”
As for the target audience, Davis says “entrepreneurs, people who like business stories and family business owners. Families own and operate over 80 per cent of all companies.”
The book is available online and at stores. And yes, a fourth edition is a definite possibility.
“There are so many new exciting stories that fit the theme and changing economic trends,” he says. “One of the most important aspects of these different businesses is that all of them navigated their organizations to experience great success during this economic chaos without any outside financial help whatsoever. They found their way to success unknowingly using the same values-based principles. This book highlights those easy to learn principles for other businesses to apply.’’
“We live in a world filled with chaos and have experienced two years unlike any other in our history,” added Davis. “Keeping our entrepreneurs thriving in this atmosphere is critical. The book does a deep dive into the businesses of seven entrepreneurs in different industries, and how they navigated a similar formula to deal with adversity and reach success by having a smart plan, strong values and hard work.”
Davis splits his time between Boston and Montreal. He maintains a home in NDG and his partner, Jonathan Freedman, is originally from Hampstead. They own 100 per cent of Mage LLC, management consultants and family business advisors. “Over the years we have worked with over 100 companies in Montreal,” he said.
The firm has been around since 1985 and they have worked with over 700 organizations and business leaders who are thinking about a successful path to future and how to navigate and deal with change, develop their people and create a positive and compelling culture. Leadership development is key to our working philosophy. Their streaming radio show, Radio Entrepreneurs, has reached over one million people in more than 30 countries and have interviewed more than 7,000 business and thought leaders. “Jonathan and I have been partners for over 35 years and we have owned a few companies together and today we are the two of the founders and major shareholders in MTP Software, the largest CRM in North American for sports franchises,” Davis notes.
Davis attend Merton Elementary and Wagar High in Côte Saint-Luc, Dawson College, Concordia, and Babson College in Massachusetts, where he was certified to teach entrepreneurship.
To order the book, please visit
A wonderful new hockey book set in VerdunIn Le Hockey Rink, due out soon, author and photographer Karen Birdgenaw brings a true story from Verdun to life with words and magnificent illustrations. “I grew up in Verdun, which is truly what my book is all about,” she says.
The book is indeed based on a true story about community, hockey, kids, and having a goal and a dream. This was a most pleasant eight minute read on the computer (multiply that by five for the amount of times I read and viewed it again). It is about neighbours building a hockey rink on Osborne Street in Verdun. After sifting through all of the illustrations, it is wonderful to see the true life photos of the real people who made it happen.
“The book took me all of one night almost five years to pen and the drawings almost five years in my very little spare time,” Birdgenaw says. “I must admit, I did go overboard and made them painstakingly detailed.”
Birdgenaw advises people to read the book in the rhythm of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
The book comes from the same publisher that produced the Andrew Caddell/ Dave Stubbs book The Goal. In fact it was Caddell who introduced her to his publisher David Stover at Rocks Mill’s Press.
Birdgenaw intends to hold a book launch and reading by Verdun actor Richard Jutras, who played Roch Carrier in The Hockey Sweater: The Musical. She will be selling books there, with some other surprises being contemplated. Some of the proceeds will go to the Dawson Boys and Girls Club from all sales that evening and from first printing as a way of giving back to the amazing community centre that she went to as a tween and teen, as did her lifelong friends.
Oh yes, and Birdgenaw did make a last-minute edit to recognize Verdun as “the coolest place in the world.”
You can go to to stay up to date and I will of course follow up as well.
From Athena’s Kitchen, a most unique cookbookThe Shield of Athena is a non-profit organization for victims of family violence. It offers emergency shelter and professional services to women and their children. Their support, intervention and prevention services are culturally and linguistically adapted to meet the needs of many of Montreal’s major ethnocultural communities. Their offices in Laval and Montreal offer multilingual services by professional social workers, trained cultural intermediaries, and supervised law students. Athena’s House, their shelter, provides emergency housing to women and their children 24/7, in a safe and empowering environment. Across Montreal and Laval, their community outreach program provides information to men and women in their own languages.
Melpa Kamateros, the longtime executive director, recently gave me a copy of the most marvelous cookbook called Recettes Et Histoires De La Cuisine D’Athena/Recipes & Stories From Athena’s Kitchen. Besides the wonderful recipes, the photographs are exceptional.
Available in both English and French, the cookbook offers readers an insight on the women who have stayed at their shelter, Athena’s House, and their journey towards a life free of violence. It is comprised of 34 recipes of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Twenty different countries are represented! Amongst these delicacies, the reader will be inspired by the women’s stories as they share their struggles and their triumphs.
Kamateros said that these recipes were shared during therapeutic cooking activities and helped foster a sense of normalcy and safety to the participants. “I actually came up with the concept seven years ago,” Kamateros said. “When COVID lockdowns started, it was the perfect time to move forward. Group cooking among the women became an activity that broke isolation.”
See The Suburban website each week for a different recipe from the book. You can order a copy from their website at All proceeds will go towards renovations at the shelter, which was built in 2004. A second shelter is now under construction.
Along with other international recipes, the book is part of the Shield of Athena’s new outreach campaign, “For the love of women,” with the aim of informing the public about conjugal violence in honor of International Women’s Day.
Kamateros applauds the work of the shelter’s coordinator, Maria Kokkoris and her staff, for steering the book in the right direction. “Food is a universal language that is simple to learn,” she says. “You cook, you taste and you can share.”
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau opens The Shield’s cookbook with a forward dedicated to the women of Athena’s House, in recognition of their inspirational journey towards a life free of violence. “Throughout history, the kitchen has been a friendly and joyful place to gather and to share our stories and our sorrows. But if our potential and talent is to continue to spread in different spheres of society over time, the work for equity and social justice must continue.”
Whale Fall is a new mystery bookIn Whale Fall, the third book in Ann Lambert’s Russell and Leduc mystery series, Marie Russell and Detective Roméo Leduc are finally getting married. However, the joyous occasion is overshadowed by the unexpected arrival of Magnus Sørenson, renowned eco-warrior and Marie’s first great love. When Magnus’ plans for a dramatic environmental protest take a dark turn, Roméo and Marie are forced to abandon their honeymoon in the Laurentians in order to catch a killer, unearthing long-buried secrets along the way. Fast-paced and chilling, Whale Fall is a riveting tale of love, vengeance and climate justice. The book has been available since September 20 ans a book launch is slated for Sunday, Oct. 23 at Paragraphe Books downtown.
Erica Diamond’s journalWhere does one begin to describe Eric Diamond? Certified life coach, certified yoga & meditation teacher, Global TV correspondent, founder Bliss Essential, professional speaker, Busy to Bliss course creator, host Erica Diamond Podcast, author, entrepreneur, mama, musicaholic, and bad cook!
Diamond recently held a signing event at Indigo downtown for List Your Goals Journal and not surprisingly she sold out. Laura Casella, anchor of Global News Morning, interviewed her about the book, which was number four on Amazon’s new releases in self-help in mid-September. “We talked about the power of journaling and writing when it comes to manifesting your goals and we talked about why self care is so important,” she said. “I got to hug familiar faces from family and friends, as well as make new friends. If you’re new to journaling, one of its superpowers is that it encourages a safe space for your negative thoughts. Journaling is a way of going on a retreat without leaving your home. It is a way to access and acknowledge past experiences that may be causing you pain and reintegrating them into your life so they become a part of you. It helps bring order to your deepest thoughts and fears and enables you to learn from the person who knows you best: you.
Go to for more details.
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