April 19, 2024

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On I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect viewers will follow real-life entrepreneurs as they navigate the ups and downs of running their businesses. Kinyatta joins the cast to provide real-world insight and feedback on leading an award-winning inclusive luxury beach towel and journal business and on being a 5-time published author.
Kinyatta is the Founder and CEO of FlightsInStilettos, LLC. FlightsInStilettos offers women options when choosing their beach towels. Women no longer have to hide their old reused hotel-issued beach towels or settle for seashells and sandcastles on their beach towel designs.  Instead, they can flaunt their luxury inclusive FlightsInStilettos beach towels with beautiful illustrations that look like them. Creating luxurious beach towels with illustrations of black women sends the message that their image is beautiful and worthy of being shared in the travel space, worldwide.
Season one of I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect features creator Camille Brown, owner of Pussy Hefner, LLC. The show follows along as this established business maven breaks down what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
Camille and co-creator Maureen Washington are keen on spreading a message of positivity, motivation, and encouragement in business.  They are well known for their passion and talent for networking with other entrepreneurs and helping them to level up their businesses. They strive to connect themselves and other entrepreneurs in a way that allows everyone to succeed. Their tips, advice, and encouraging words are aspirational for men and women alike.
“Our guests explain their journey; the good, bad and ugly,” explained Camille. “This valuable information includes sharing business connections to create an open forum for communication & growth without the fear of being in competition with one another. The truth is, there is room for all of us to grow & be successful.”
Make sure to tune in to watch Kinyatta E. Gray in the full first season of I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect on Dec. 10th, 2022 on the BLKGTV app.
About Kinyatta E. Gray –
Kinyatta E. Gray is the Founder & CEO of FlightsInStilettos®, the Stylish Writing Center, and a bestselling author from the Washington, D.C. area.
FlightsInStilettos® was founded in 2018 by Gray to design the Glam Girl Beach towels — luxury, microfiber beach towels with captivating illustrations of women (of all shades) at the beach. Kinyatta launched her business and brand after not finding a beach towel on the market that resembled her aesthetic and travel style.
Since launching FlightsInStilettos®, the highly sought-after unique beach towels have been spotted worldwide, from Spain and Dubai to Egypt and Thailand.  Rising in success, the brand has been featured in various national and international media outlets such as TravelNoire, Hollywood Unlocked, Sheen Magazine, Medium, Authority Magazine, Yahoo News, VoyageLA, VoyageATL, Fashion Bomb Daily, BlackNews.com, Hollywood Blade, Rebecca Davi, and Urban Magazine, to name a few. In addition, several celebrities and significant global black travel influencers have also been spotted with their beach towels, such as Martinique “Marty SanDiego,” Lewis,  Creator of ABC Travel Greenbook.
In 2022, Kinyatta launched the Stylish Writing Center, a collection of over 20 guided, inclusive journals and diaries for women, teens, and men to honor the legacy of her mother, noted writer and playwright, Beverly E. Carroll.
Website: https://flightsinstilettos.com/
Instagram: @flightsinstilettos
Contact Information:
Name: K. E. Gray
Email: [email protected]
Follow the full story here: https://przen.com/pr/33478678

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