May 20, 2024

At only 22 years, he has already reached a prominent place in the business world, thriving on his passion, dedication, and determination, which has helped him build several successful ventures
The 22-year-old has made massive moves in the world of entrepreneurship, showcasing his A-game in every sector he has stepped foot in.
There are a few individuals who follow the herd or what others do in their career, thinking following the footsteps of others will lead them to their desired success levels. Some others believe in going against the tides and making the most of the opportunities while also creating newer ones to reach their desired success and create their own unique niche in everything they choose to lay their hands on. This spirit, dynamism, positivity, and zealousness is something not found in every other entrepreneurial talent but the ones who exude the same go ahead in becoming unique success stories in their respective industries, ultimately turning into inspirational sources for other budding talents across the world. We couldn’t help but notice how Manaf Koudmani did exactly that and went beyond creating his definition of success in the world of entrepreneurship.
Manaf Koudmani has indeed risen to the top as a high-performing professional who believed in his dreams and thus inculcated in him the confidence to create his own success story, all on his own. At only 22 years, he has already reached a prominent place in the business world, thriving on his passion, dedication, and determination, which has helped him build several successful ventures. As a teenager, he had decided to become his own boss. The US-born relocated to Syria in his childhood days and then moved to Egypt as a 13-year-old, and from there went to Lebanon at 15 and Europe at 17 to pursue his studies. He completed his education in Hospitality & Business Management at Les Roches in Marbella, Spain, and Switzerland.
In Beirut, he started his first events company called “Mage Prod,” which went ahead to become a huge success, handling top celebrities and well-known personalities in top events in Beirut and other European countries. However, challenges and hurdles were also a part of Manaf Koudmani’s journey, and he had to push the pause button amidst the pandemic, which disrupted almost all industries of the world. Many financial issues and the effects of the lockdowns affected his business model and planning, and he had to give up the idea of collaborating with bigger celebrities. 
However, every stormy night brings with it a silver lining, they say. For Manaf Koudmani, his silver lining came in the form of an idea during the pandemic, which was to sell medical equipment in several countries, looking at the increasing need and demand for medical equipment during those tough times. He gradually grew his company thriving on his networking and marketing skills, and built strong ties with UAE, China, and Germany. He highlights how even amidst these tough times, he and his team never lost hope and kept working around business ideas and plans to serve people better with their products. Now, he has even opened his company in Dubai selling medical equipment, attributing the success he attained to these challenging times in 2020.
In 2020, he even started a new venture, “MAK MEDIA,” a social media and digital marketing agency, helping clients grow their online reach and presence. He is still a part of the Photography and Videography agency “42 Gram”, based between Dubai and France. The young business talent has come a long way and, from here, only wants to constantly innovate in his chosen industries.
Manaf Koudmani ( also attributes his success to his family for always being there for him and supporting him endlessly. He now plans to expand his businesses and working around many new things.
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