April 20, 2024

Tate Fisher started making chocolate-covered strawberries as a snack he prepared for his family, but to raise money for his eventual car, he started selling them. The business went wild and even got the eye of local caterer
Call it a sweet collaboration.
A metro Atlanta teenager and corporate catering business are coming together to help take the 14-year-old’s business to a new level.
Like many teenagers, Tate Fisher is looking forward to driving.
To raise money for his eventual vehicle, he started selling chocolate-covered strawberries.
The dipped treats – started as a snack he prepared for his family.
"All summer he was making us chocolate-covered strawberries.  He then said, ‘'I think I can sell these,’" Tate's mom Sarah Fisher explained. 
Tate, she says, isn’t a typical teen.  A typical job isn’t the right fit. 
While he has a few disabilities, Fisher says, he is passionate and driven.
She put up a social media post and her son’s business started booming. 
Tate’s Berries ended up being tasted by a worker at Atlanta’s Proof of the Pudding.
And his motivation so impressed owners, they invited Tate to their commercial kitchen.
"We hope to teach him to do it in a more efficient way. And add some ideas into how his strawberries can look," founding chef Vagn Nielson demonstrated.
From prepping to presentation, Tate spent the day learning from trained pastry chefs, testing sprinkles and drizzle and other techniques.
Tate’s mom says they were told by doctors years ago what he wasn’t going to be:
"He couldn’t be successful, he couldn’t be a productive member of society," she recalled.
But she knew Tate couldn’t be put into a diagnosis box.
So this training opportunity for her son, a young entrepreneur who works hard, is extra sweet.
"It's so much more than chocolate covered strawberries.  It's teaching him A, he can do whatever he puts his mind to, and B, He's really good at it."
You can learn more about the business on the Tate's Berries Instagram page.
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