May 20, 2024

The Idea Collective, a membership community of 1200 small business owners operating in 15 states across the U.S. and four countries worldwide, announces the return of its small business retreat scheduled for November 10-12, 2022, at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, WI.
The Idea Collective Small Business Retreat, presented by Bank Five Nine, is the Midwest’s small business community’s annual meeting. It is an opportunity for solopreneurs to gather in person with colleagues and peers who are also building the businesses of their dreams to be inspired, learn from the journeys of notable industry leaders, and have some fun while doing it.
“There are more small businesses than ever and they’re all trying to survive in an unpredictable market, often with no support — personally or professionally,” said Pat Miller, founder of The Idea Collective. “As a solopreneur myself, I understand the challenges that presents. I know the struggles of isolation and loneliness, limited access to traditional resources, and lack of confidence in pursuing my entrepreneurial dream without a net."
“The retreat is one way I’ve found to help alleviate some of those hurdles for others. This annual gathering has purposefully been designed to help small business owners celebrate their accomplishments while encouraging anyone who needs it to keep moving forward,” continued Miller.
This year’s event features one mentor session, five keynote presentations, 17 workshops, 22 laser-focused coaching opportunities, and lots of networking. Attendees of the three-day retreat will have the opportunity to connect with the following keynote speakers:

Sponsors of this year’s retreat include Bank Five Nine, Unstoppable Women in Business, Praktess Law, Sidekick Accounting and Boss Actions.
“Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I believe now more than ever before that this moment will change all of our lives. I look forward to seeing everyone's dreams become reality,” shared Candace Sanchez of Unspoken Conversations with Candace Sanchez, following the 2021 retreat.
The Idea Collective Small Business Retreat is open to any solopreneur who wants to set their personal and professional goals for 2023 in a safe, supportive environment. Full event details and registration information are available at
ABOUT THE IDEA COLLECTIVE Operating in 15 states across the U.S. and four countries worldwide, The Idea Collective is an always-on platform brimming with like-minded business owners who share the same goal… work together to provide each other with the things they can’t get on their own: collective intelligence, inspiration, and transformation.
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