July 19, 2024

Mike Yap started his entrepreneurship journey back in 2015 after leaving his last corporate job at Lululemon.
“It was a blessing in disguise when I joined Lululemon’s Head Office thinking that it would be a perfect fit in terms of work life balance, ideally doing some yoga and meditation at lunch… it seemed to be a dream job at the time.”
The company was growing swiftly, so it ended up being more work than balance. “I quit Lululemon with $40,000 saved in my bank account and hired my first two mentors. One taught me how to publish books on Amazon Kindle, and the other helped me remove false money-mindset beliefs that my parents gave me growing up,” he added.
Since then, Mike Yap has become one of the highest paid Amazon Kindle publishers as well as sold over $50,000,000 in eCommerce sales since 2016.

“When I was 19 years old, I had a goal of becoming a millionaire before I was 30, but no matter how many spreadsheets I created, the math never added up, especially working at a corporate job.”
With the power of the internet, world-class experience in marketing, design, and copywriting, paired with an abundance mindset, Mike was able to achieve his goal, saying, “Don’t underestimate the power of writing things down. There’s a miraculous thing that happens when you have crystal-clear clarity on your vision of where you want to be… the universe will conspire to see you succeed.”
Currently with his success, Mike Yap is now focused on helping 1 billion people reduce stress and live a better life with the vehicles of meditation and breathwork. Conscious is a cross-platform technology designed to reduce stress, improve mental performance, and elevate human consciousness.

“We are the first company to use a smartphone/computer camera to look at your face and tell you how stressed you are from 0-100. We do this by using computer vision to track Heart-Rate Variability and Respiratory Rate. The app will then use meditation and breathing exercises to bring you back to a state of calm and coherence,” he said.
Conscious is still in the early stage of development, but Mike has already gained the attention of luxury car brands such as Audi, and encourages people to sign up for early access. He is also looking to raise a $2m pre-seed round from investors who are aligned to the mission, and welcomes everyone interested to contribute to contact him via email.
Mike Yap also has also started three YouTube channels with the goal of adding even more value to the world. “The Conscious Experience” is a YouTube podcast devoted to unveiling the mysteries of spirituality, various mental states, meditation, and more.
As “Superhero Crypto Ninja”, Mike presents his viewers with an abundance of informational content regarding the latest news in the crypto industry, upcoming 100x potential projects, honest reviews, and cryptocurrency trading. With “The Vancouver Experience”, Mike Yap has a goal to help showcase 200 local businesses in Vancouver, Canada, from restaurants, spas, hotels, tourist attractions, and more.
Mike is also the founder of Scarflings, an online retailer of luxury scarves, bags, and clothing accessories.
“Modern dressing is about a few great quality pieces. The upside of this pared-down wardrobe is simplicity The downside is the risk of getting bored with the same look. The Scarflings collection will power your wardrobe with endless possibilities. You can build on your wardrobe with the vast array of choices; after all, more scarves mean more opportunities to express yourself,” he said. 
When asked if he has any last words, Mike says, “Spend time going inwards, and you’ll realize that you can truly do anything that you put your mind towards, as the world is simply a reflection of your own inner state and imagination. Crystal clear clarity, mentors, humility, and self-discipline will be your guides. Real world skills of marketing (or “grabbing attention and directing it in specific ways”), design (or having an “eye for beauty and improving upon things”) and copywriting (or “storytelling”) are essential to any successful business. If you need support with any of these for your business, feel free to send me an email.”
More information about Mike Yap and his projects and businesses is available on his official Instagram profile.
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