May 18, 2024

The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) announced today that the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce Orlando (GHACC), a non-profit organization, has joined the group of business support organizations which are located at the NEC, as an affiliate resource partner.
Founded in 2007, the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (GHACC) serves the Haitian community in Central Florida by providing leadership, resources, and vital connections for business growth and development. Comprised of a diverse group of business professionals, the Chamber provides a collective voice for Haitian businesses and professionals across central Florida.
“We are excited to welcome the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce to the NEC as we continue to expand our group of organizations offering business services to the community,” said Jerry Ross, President of the National Entrepreneur Center. “Orlando is a diverse business community that offers great opportunities for people of every culture to start and grow a business, and the NEC strives to offer a range of services that reflect that diversity.”
With the addition of the GHACC, the National Entrepreneur Center now hosts 16 non-profit business support organizations at the Orlando Fashion Square location. Services offered at the center include free business coaching, educational seminars, and a variety of business-building resources, most of which are free of charge. The Resource Partners of the NEC coach and train over 15,000 business people each year.
“We are truly excited to become an affiliate Resource Partner of the National Entrepreneur Center,” said Marlyn Bonzil-Juste, President of the GHACC. “The NEC provides such great synergy with so many organizations all working together to build our small business community. We are energized to be joining this proven model of business acceleration, especially since the impact of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in August of 2021 is still being felt today.”
GHACC will be commemorating this milestone with a ribbon cutting on October 20, 2022, at 6:30pm at the National Entrepreneur Center.
The NEC is open from 9am to 5pm daily, and appointments can be requested through the website or by visiting
About the National Entrepreneur Center:
The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) is home to 16 independent business support organizations, dedicated to accelerating the growth and development of small businesses throughout Central Florida. The center offers a variety of services, including one-on-one business coaching, business seminars, networking events, and assistance for international trade, most of which are provided at no cost to business owners. Additionally, the online platform which is powered by the NEC, provides online access to over 60 regional non-profit organizations offering assistance to start-up and established businesses. For more information visit
About Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce Orlando:
Founded in 2007, the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (GHACC) is a vital resource in Orlando for locating quality businesses and diverse professionals that serve the Haitian community, provides leadership, and maintains the collective voice for Haitian professionals across central Florida. GHACC offers resources, networking, advertising, educational opportunities for business and personal development. GHACC is determined in our efforts to bring community partners together for the betterment of all by actively promoting member businesses, discovering trade opportunities, and developing partnerships between our members and all levels of government locally and internationally. For more information visit
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