February 22, 2024

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Henry Bedingfield has described how Pauline Williamson, who died August 3, shaped his life – Credit: Martin Williamson / Henry Bedingfield
A teenage entrepreneur has described how the wisdom of ‘The Honorable Tree Warden of Costessey’ has shaped him into the person he is today.
Pauline Williams died on August 3 aged 72 and was known for inspiring people to enjoy the great outdoors.
And for one teen Pauline helped shape not only his growing business but his life.
Henry Bedingfield is a 15-year-old entrepreneur who runs Britannia Gardens Costessey.
Pauline Williamson died August 3 aged 72-years-old – Credit: Kate Williamson
Henry, from Costessey himself, said: “I met Pauline in early 2020 and instantly she got me to work.
“We measured the footprint for the new ‘Well-BEE-ing Gardens’ in the Costessey centre park which was a new project Pauline took on.
“Me and Pauline instantly bonded, sharing our common interests with the environment and community.
“We later discovered we are not only friends or associates but we were best friends.
“Pauline and I wanted to share our gardening knowledge and put it to good use.
Henry Bedingfield, who runs Britannia Gardens Costessey – Credit: Henry Bedingfield
“With her skills in business Pauline created an environmentally sustainable garden centre in Costessey called Britannia Gardens Costessey.
“Being environmentally friendly was something Pauline, the director of Britannia Gardens Costessey – Vilius Verikas – and I took to heart.
“Pauline always kept a stern eye on our efficiency and kept Britannia Gardens Costessey always running even though her health was deteriorating.”
Henry Bedingfield said Pauline Williamson "helped me just like a mother, and treated me just like a son" – Credit: Kate Williamson
Henry added: “Our mission at Britannia Gardens Costessey is simple.
“We want to provide the best quality services for our valued clients and our community.
“Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs.
“It gives us the chance, as the younger generation, to make sure Costessey and it’s beautiful atmosphere and environment stay that way for future generations.
Pauline Williamson, from Costessey, who has died aged 72 – Credit: Martin Williamson
“If it wasn’t for Pauline, her knowledge, kind sense of passion and admiration towards me I wouldn’t be running a successful business.
“She meant, and still means, so much to me today.
“She treated me just like a son. She helped me become the person I am today.
“If it wasn’t for Pauline, I would be lost.”

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