November 28, 2023

Stems N Pots, her flower and plants boutique, radiates her positive energy, which she aims to spread among others.
The more we speak about how women have been taking over a variety of sectors all around the world, the more we feel the need to talk about them, their journeys, struggles, challenges they faced head-on, and how they overcame all that to become their best versions and serve as an inspiration to other budding professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. Now is the time to bring forth many such stories of women who knew what their hearts sought and, even after being aware of how tough it could get for them, chose to pave their own path to success. Among the many women professionals, business owners, and positive thinkers, we couldn’t help but notice how Sabine Shahda did the same with her flower and plants boutique as a co-founder of Stems N Pots (, based in Dubai, the UAE.
However, what has made Sabine Shahda stand so unique from others is her understanding of beauty, authenticity, and positivity. She has become a prominent influencer whose content people have been increasingly seeking to gain more insights and positivity. It has the power to influence their mindsets regarding beauty in a positive way, and this has what attracted most people towards her and her work.
On one hand, where many other influencers rely on tons of filters on social media to showcase their talents as content creators in their respective niches, Sabine Shahda takes an altogether different approach, ditching the filters and being her true authentic self to her audiences, emphasizing on being the “unfiltered beauty” one needs to be to not get entangled in the vicious circle of unrealistic standards of beauty set by people based on these social media filters.
Sabine Shahda also highlights how people need to look at themselves in the mirror every day, not just to see their physical features, but to understand who they are from within and celebrate that because she believes what people will see in them will make them realize how unique they are.
With her online flower and plants boutique, Stems N Pots, she offers a variety of options in bouquets and plant arrangements and also offers the best deals on occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.
Sabine Shahda (@sabine.shahda) is well on her way to making a real difference in the lives of others and wishes to see people embracing their real selves.
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