April 12, 2024

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The Common Street Spiritual Center will host the Natick Children’s Business Fair during a one-day marketplace event on Saturday, February 19, 3pm-6pm. Entrepreneurial kids ages 5-15 will present their very own startup business ideas at 22 booths as they show customers the results of their work developing a brand, creating a product or service, building a marketing strategy, and finally opening for business. The event is designed to give children the experience of selling a product.
There is still booth space available, so if your young entrepreneur is interested in joining in the fun, here’s a link to the sign-up page.
Items for sale might include cupcakes and other baked goods; handcrafted jewelry; bookmarks; knitted hats; and more.
Judges will review the businesses and honor winners for Most Original Business Idea; Highest Business Potential; and Best Presentation and Creativity.
This event is sponsored by Common Street Spiritual Center, Great Silk Road Craft, Acton Academy, the Acton School of Business, and the generous support of donors and volunteers.
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Shilpa Sanghavi says

Are there any spots available? I just came to Know about this?
Bob Brown says

Hi Shilpa, this was from February… so I guess we’ll need to see if there’s another one coming up. Bob
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