May 18, 2024

SCOPE Founder and CEO Appalla Saikiran is an example of the rise of the entrepreneurial teen influencer. His out-of-the-box thinking about startup markets, and the studies he’s conducted, have proven to have 100 percent successful results. Though his methods may be unconventional, he has been and is an advisor to some of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) and consumer product startups. Saikiran frequently speaks at numerous companies and universities, sharing his methods and inspiring listeners to adopt a different mindset. 
He started his entrepreneurial journey at just 17 years old when he developed a plan to build a platform where every budding entrepreneur could gain the opportunity to connect with industry mentors, experts, and investors. His platform garnered much interest, and Saikiran has been busy ever since, helping others make the connections for successful business futures. 
More than an entrepreneur
The Indian teen entrepreneurial influencer has been making waves through his professional and academic journey, earning several awards and accolades. His achievements include a Global Kids Achievers Award for developing the SCOPE app, inclusion in the Brown University Junior CEO program, and being selected by Google as one of India’s top 100 students. 

Saikiran was recently nominated as an international partner for India at the World Business Angel Investment Forum. He will soon represent India at the organization’s next Grand Assembly, where his efforts will pave the way for his country to join the world’s largest equity investment market forum. 

Widening the startup industry’s SCOPE
Recently, Saikiran was elected by an ed-tech firm, The Big Red Group, as one of India’s 11 most successful teenage entrepreneurs. He has worked with some big names in the business world, from the lead investor for SamsungNEXT to DoorDash Co-founder and CEO Tony Xu. 
Stop waiting for a great idea to turn into a business and get SCOPE
Connect. Collaborate. Create.

“SCOPE is a social app that connects you to the right people, so your idea can take flight,” Saikiran said. “Where ideas can be shared, businesses explore, and startups find a way to develop further.”
Looking forward
Saikiran continues to build his business and brand while inspiring other teens to branch out as an entrepreneurial teen influencers. He’s given live talks at Yale University and the International Rotary Club. 
Delhi’s Entrepreneur Magazine bestows the “Best Student Entrepreneur Award” on Saikiran in November 2022. He has also been selected as one of 80 top students from 30 countries to visit Draper University and prominent venture capitalist Tim Draper. With backing from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs for his SCOPE app, Saikiran has many plans looking forward. 

To learn more about Appalla Saikiran or the SCOPE app, visit his Instagram page, or read numerous articles about him through his Linktree hub. SCOPE is available on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. 
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