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Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES
BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Francis Santa scholarship program is open to every student who plans on becoming an entrepreneur in the future. The scholarship is geared towards students with intentions of pursuing the career path to become an entrepreneur and is inviting all students currently enrolled in university and taking up a course that will help them to become an entrepreneur to try their hand at applying for the scholarship. Furthermore, the scholarship program is also inviting high school students who are about to graduate and plan on pursuing a career in the future and enrolling in university. The lucky student who gets chosen for the scholarship program will be rewarded prize money which will go towards financing their education and tuition fees throughout their time in university,
Any student who is set on the path to becoming an entrepreneur is in for a journey that is filled with many challenges and hurdles but also a great degree of satisfaction and success. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t an easy one as you have to rely on yourself to carry through any bumps you might encounter. However, with enough preparation, you can become a successful entrepreneur, which is why it is crucial to be able to attend university as it teaches the necessary skills, training, and knowledge to easily overcome any challenges that get thrown your way. In line with this, Francis Santa has launched a scholarship program that will help aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams despite being in a tough financial spot.
Francis understands that not everyone can attend university because of the financial hurdle that is often imposed by many universities. Education continues to change and evolve which in turn increases the price you need to pay for good quality education. Families without a stable source of income will have difficulties keeping up with this which makes them miss out on getting a good education. He sees this scholarship as an opportunity everyone should take, as part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is taking every opportunity you can find.
Education plays a central role in becoming successful in any career path in the future which is why Francis chose to launch a scholarship program as a way to help those who are financially troubled but want to become an entrepreneur. Being a graduate of the University of Hartford and General Motors Business School, he greatly values his time there as he was able to find success thanks to the things he picked up and learned while in school. He hopes that this scholarship program will be able to offer the same opportunity he was able to experience to a deserving student as well as nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Interested students who want to try and apply for the scholarship can find Francis’ official scholarship website page. This website will contain all the details of the scholarship program as well as updates and bits of information you might need for the scholarship. Additionally, the page will be having all the scholarship requirements and will allow you to submit your application while also having the opportunity to learn about the man behind the scholarship program, Francis Santa.


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