April 20, 2024

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As a personal brand in today’s evolving world of AI and technology, you have a disconnected world to leverage in your favor.
Do you ever wonder why there are brands that always seem to catch your eye and then others that never seem to make it out from the unseen, unknown and untrusted world?
With the evolution of the digital world, there are plenty of personal brands around to attract our attention, but not everyone knows the secrets behind personal brands you know and those you don’t. Those who have mastered the art of personal brandings, such as , , and , know a thing or two about expanding their social exposure and impact. But is it really as easy as getting a boost from the press and getting seen?
Positioning yourself online in 2022 can be challenging. Still, as a in a world craving human connection and authenticity more than ever, you’ve got room to play and a disconnected world to leverage. So, how do you become one of the brands people know and love and not get buried among the masses?
Keep reading to discover five ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd and build an audience of raving fans.
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You connect with brands because of who they are and how they show up. They capture your attention and connect with you on an emotional level. Before you know it, they imprint in your mind as a trustworthy brand and go-to source.
As a personal brand, you can humanize your business, strengthen the connection with your audience, and become approachable, trustworthy and memorable. Here’s how to do it right:
Ensure you are clear on who you are as a brand so you can share your message and story clearly and authentically. A deeper understanding of the market will help you position yourself by finding the ‘gap’ and filling it with your unique offer.
Combine this with the psychological awareness of your customer or client, and you’ll be able to apply this to your messaging framework and . When you know your audience’s desires, pains, language and where they’re hanging out, connecting with them becomes easy.
You want to be approachable and trustworthy, especially if your audience is millennials or younger. Sometimes that means that your brand doesn’t always focus on glorious achievements. A hard situation that taught you a lesson, a professional challenge that you’ve faced — all of that helps to create that personal feeling everyone is looking for. Remember, people are irrational beings. They often choose one brand over the other not because of objective reasons such as price and market share but for subjective ones: they like you, relate to you, and see themselves in you.
Building an emotional and human connection with your audience is crucial, but don’t forget to demonstrate what makes you human, and don’t shy away from imperfections.
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One of the best things about being a personal brand is that you can use the most powerful tool to its fullest: storytelling. Relatable stories pique our interest as humans through emotional connection and personal resonance. These have become priceless tools for brands today.
Remember: You have a personal brand and a story to tell, but it is not about you. You need to empathize with the pains and problems of your audience and avoid continuously sharing your journey without relating it to theirs.
Without consistency, your audience will forget you exist, and the algorithms will not be on your side (so the likeliness of your content reaching your audience will be low). Consider SEO and the algorithms of the platform you are posting, as this determines whether you get seen or not. It’s worth doing your due diligence to understand their rules. Show up regularly across platforms, and remain in coherence with your brand and values.
Keep yourself accountable by implementing a content strategy and scheduling system, and consider outsourcing content creation.
Do you want to have clients come to you instead of hustling to find them? Your network is your greatest asset to help you boost your exposure.
Few million-dollar companies or 6-figure businesses evolve from selling to their friends and family. One of the best ways to get seen, known, trusted and loved is to tap into other audiences where your ideal customer is already kicking back and tuning in.
You could guest-post blogs on established platforms, speak on podcasts and network at events, both online and offline. Not only does this allow you to expose yourself, but you’ll also earn those sought-after “featured on” logos that guarantee your position as an expert in your field. You can take the time to do this yourself or team up with a PR agency that already has those connections.
The secret? It takes work: time, money or both. Apply one or all of these tips today, and when you’re ready to take it to the next level, link arms with others that have mastered the process with proven systems and frameworks, so you can get the exposure and recognition you need and desire.
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