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Kristian Nightengale Soars With New Skin Care Collection.
October 4, 2022
6:00 PM
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Sometimes, a parent can see the future for their children. It was evident to Temple Shockley early on that her daughter was destined to shine in the beauty industry one day. While other 5-year-olds were coloring with crayons, little Kristian Nightengale preferred coloring with lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes. Embracing the world of make-believe with a hot pink notebook in hand, she would pretend to work at a beauty counter peddling her colorful ideas and glittery concoctions to her younger siblings.
As a teen, she continued to embrace her inner girly girl participating in pageants, cheerleading, modeling and glamming up her friends for any and all occasions. While other teenagers flipped burgers or babysat for a few extra dollars, Kristian worked at the cosmetics retail chain Ulta Beauty — further surrounding herself in the world of nationally-renowned beauty products.
Armed with big dreams and three suitcases, the small-town Texas girl hopped on a plane destined for California and a degree in Cosmetic Arts from Hollywood’s Westmore Academy. The budding makeup maven’s first career opportunity was working for Hollywood’s notorious celebrity stylist Jose Eber, specializing in makeup, airbrushing and special effects. Her work was seen everywhere from high fashion runways and films to print magazines. After several years of working on the more glamorous side of the business, Kristian still wanted more. Craving a clinical background, she went back to school and eventually became licensed in medical aesthetics and honed her skills working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
Having conquered California, this southern girl knew she was ready to anchor her roots back home in Texas. When the time was right, her clinical knowledge of the beauty industry and special brand of personal glitter made her a perfect fit at Southlake’s Corinthian Wellness & Med Spa.
“Everything fell into place naturally. Everything I was involved in fell into my lap,” Kristian says.
As an apprentice at CWS, Kristian bonded with the spa’s owner Judi McQueary, literally working her way from the ground up. In those early days, she did everything from errands and answering phones to basic foot soaks. Over the course of a decade, she observed best practices in spa services and watched retail products fly off the shelves. Building a firm foundation of knowledge, she ascended to the role of senior aesthetic clinician at the prestigious Southlake spa.
Kristian’s extremely grateful for the apprentice work that helped form a solid foundation in her business. 
“[Judi] took me under her wings and showed me how to grow a brand,” Kristian says. “She inspires me and always encourages me in my journey.”
The experience of watching her namesake skin care collection come to fruition is akin to building a house. Designing every part of the collection from its signature pink and gold packaging to formulating the proper consistency of each product was all a labor of love. Always enamored in the details, she would ruminate over every decision. She wanted everything to be just right, including the tiny nightingale bird perched on the letter “N.”
Drawn to luxurious tastes and grand gestures, she even delights customers by adding gold and white confetti that cascades out of the packaging, inviting customers to join her perpetual party as you celebrate and pamper yourself.
The meticulous businesswoman’s pretty packaging was good for the initial buy-in, but she also knew the products had to be effective in order to maintain repeat business. She employed a lab and got to work with product trials and tests that were crucial in building out a full line of products that include facial cleansers, exfoliators, antioxidant serums and anti-aging moisturizers.
The secret to Kristian’s success is in her ability to differentiate and assimilate medical-grade products with quality over-the-counter ingredients. Combining science and beauty, she incorporates the cell nourishing qualities of Vitamin A and the antioxidant properties of Vitamins C and E to top-of-the line ingredients like Egyptian rose water. What follows is a line of products that help protect from sun damage and aging, all while balancing the skin’s natural oils to reduce dryness and redness.
Perhaps the real beauty behind her budding line is that it has been designed to be used in conjunction with each product to enhance efficacy for formula-driven results. Customers are encouraged to mix and match products for their own customized approach in improving fine lines, brightening skin and improving pore size.
Kristian’s knowledge and expertise are poured into her products’ formulations, providing well-hydrated, brightened skin that glows.
For three and a half years, she worked closely with her team of scientists and designers — not even letting the pandemic keep her from realizing her potential. Then on April 18th this year, the entrepreneur’s skin care dream became a reality with the launch of the Kristian Nightengale line of products.
After navigating the clinical and cosmetics industry for 15 years, Kristian’s products are now on display with top-name brands at Corinthian Wellness & Med Spa, with plans to start online distribution in the near future.
As those who know Kristian would expect, the launch party was a sight to behold in all things pink. She curated every detail from the pink carpet and pink champagne to the mini pink and gold ombre glitter-bombed champagne bottle favors passed out to guests. Thanks to her fans and loyal Instagram following of 20,000, the sought-after skin care line sold out in just two months with eager clients going on a waitlist.
If there’s anything Kristian loves more than makeup and her pink stiletto heels, it’s her husband Swade and daughters Saylor and Bryton. A third Nightengale is expected to join the nest in May 2023.
Despite her penchant for parties, there are no plans for an over-the-top gender reveal — they are just looking forward to being surprised.
“I love that the girls at such a young age can see their mom do this,” she says. “It’s so important to see that you can set goals and follow your heart, accomplish your dreams and be a mom.”
Just as she balances formulations, Kristian has a knack for balancing family life as well. Even going so far as to name some of the products after her two daughters, Saylor and Bryton. Printed on the shiny gold jar of clarifying clay mask, you’ll recognize her spouse’s name cleverly placed on her clay mask, “PerSwade Me.”
“Bryton The Day” is a powerful illuminating moisturizer that restores the skin’s natural barrier and hydration. Her multi-purpose product, “Saylor Darling,” utilizes the same Egyptian rose water as a great makeup-setting spray or postsun refresher.
More importantly, the playful names help remind Kristian that work and family life must maintain a delicate rhythm. A rhythm that, thanks to her own mother living close by, they can all be a part of together.
“We are extremely blessed to have my mother as our nanny,” she says. “Though the saying is overused, it takes a village.”
October 4, 2022
6:00 PM
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