April 15, 2024

“If we want women to become mainstream entrepreneurs, then it is imperative to level the playing field. They should feel supported and heard.”
— Meena Ganesh
“Women have always been entrepreneurs, the challenges they have faced in their lives have forced them to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.”
— Lisa Suwal
“Women should take the first step towards entrepreneurship, seek role models and build a support system for themselves to move ahead”
— Yamini Bhat
“Let us not target simply growing the number of women entrepreneurs but making the path easier for women who do want to become entrepreneurs”
— Anju Gupta
Indian equities reversed their eight-day winning streak Friday, taking a pause on their record-breaking path as traders trimmed bullish bets ahead of key US jobs data and carried lighter positions to next week amid a negative undertone in global markets.
Luxury carmakers are seeing unprecedented demand for high-end electric vehicles (EVs), with the well-heeled snapping up models such as the Mercedes Benz EQS, BMW iX and Audi e-tron.
A new chatbot created by artificial intelligence non-profit OpenAI Inc has taken the internet by storm, as users speculated on its ability to replace everything from playwrights to college essays.
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