October 2, 2023
Bill Gates Rancho Santa Fe House

Bill Gates Rancho Santa Fe House

Rancho Santa Fe – my favorite town, one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country. Bill Gates’ $18 million estate is also in town (picture above). The name of this website is motivated by this luxury town of Southern California. We are here to learn how those million dollar earners built their wealth. The tips from them are like the best gifts from Santa that could change the life of you and me forever. So, read on the best information ever presented on this website and take actions.

This site is all about duplicating what the million dollar earners had done. To stand out from other money making sites, wealthsanta.com is pulling together the great wealth building tips from the million dollar earners scattered around in different places – bits and pieces – for you to consume for free. We compiled them in a way that you can use the free information to jump start your business without breaking the bank. If these free tips are not enough for you to go forward on your own, by all means, check out their paid programs, get the right mentorship. For the credit, some of the referrer links are our affiliate links.

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