May 19, 2024

When an industry loses 2tn dollars some questions need to be asked. After the crash of crypto comes the rebuilding. Over eight episodes, Crypto IRL, asks: what went wrong? How does the industry rebuild? And what will the future look like? As regulators move in and consolidation appears to be taking hold – how far from its original ideals will crypto stray and who will be the winners and losers?
Bloomberg: Balance of Power focuses on the politics and policies being shaped by the agenda of President Biden’s administration.
Prognosis explores health, wellness, and the ways in which modern science is allowing us to live better – in both the long term, and day-to-day
Rivian Recalls 13,000 Vehicles to Fix Minor Structural Defect
Ian Death Toll in US Hits 100 Spanning Three States
Tesla’s Week to Forget Is the Anchor Weighing On the S&P 500
Ian Death Toll in US Hits 100 Spanning Three States
Starbucks’ Longest-Serving Director Quits at End of CEO Search
Musk Turns His Diplomatic Gaze to China-Taiwan From Ukraine
Facebook Is Warning 1 Million Users About Stolen Usernames, Passwords
Biden Tightens China Chip Rules on Chaotic Day for Industry
Inflation, Peso in Focus as Risks Mount in Marcos’s Early Days
California’s Gavin Newsom Calls Special Session to Pass Profit Tax on Oil Giants
Portugal Unveils Digital Nomad Visa to Lure Remote Workers
Credit Suisse’s Wild Ride Is Starting to Spook Some Clients
More Robots, Less Cash, New Shibuya Await Tourists Back to Japan
Sugarcane Billionaire Ometto Plows Into Mining With Vale Bet
The Labor Market Is Coming for Profit Margins — or Worse
Zelenskiy Didn’t Win the Nobel Peace Prize and That’s OK
Elon Gets Three Weeks to Change His Mind
Hackers Target Eager Homebuyers With a Dumb Scam That Keeps Working
Adidas Seeks New Boss to Bring Buzz to Brand and Bottom Line
The China Bubble Is Losing Air But Won’t Burst
Starbucks Illegally Fired Michigan Worker Over Union Activism, Labor Board Judge Rules
Tribal Nations Demand Repeal of Oklahoma’s Anti-CRT Law
Tropical Storm Julia Threatens Central America With Floods
ESG Stock Watch: BlackRock in the Middle, Pepsi’s New Farms
How Finland Put Traffic Crashes on Ice
NY Ban on Guns in Times Square, Other Public Places Is Ruled Unconstitutional
What Can the World Learn From 100 Resilient Cities?
Hackers Feast on Crypto Weak Link and Even Binance Isn’t Spared
Bitcoin Drops as Strong Jobs Data Seen Keeping Fed on Rate-Hike Path
Binance May Spend Over $1 Billion This Year on Deals, CZ Says
With stocks slumping, a recession looming and inflation running hot, it’s a tough time to retire. 
The turmoil is hitting at a time when many Americans already faced a serious shortfall in retirement savings, making it even more difficult to plan for the future.


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