May 23, 2024

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For months, developed economies have hoarded coronavirus vaccines and the raw materials needed to make them. Now, outbreaks in developing nations could give rise to new virus mutations that may circumvent existing vaccines. One global initiative, Covax, has spent the last year trying to prevent that catastrophic outcome. Here’s how.
Wall Street Desire for Xi to Pivot to Growth Faces Reality Check
Nomura Is Teaching Japan High School Kids How to Invest
Tesla Nears Blue-Chip Status After S&P Upgrades Credit Score
Modelo Beermaker Upbeat on Marijuana Partner Despite $1.1 Billion Charge
Tesla Shares Take Hit on Risk That Musk Must Sell to Buy Twitter
Musk’s Twitter Takeover Hits Snag Over Debt-Financing Issue
AMD Sinks After Early Peek at Revenue Shows Steep Shortfall
Musk Asks Delaware Judge to Halt Lawsuit Over $44 Billion Twitter Deal
Nebraska GOP Senator Sasse Is Leaving Senate for University of Florida Post
OPEC+ Cuts Put Focus on Prices in Pre-Midterm Blow for Democrats
New York Rent Surge Hits Hard With Wages Stung by Inflation
Bill Gross Sides With Pimco Bond Bulls in Seeing Yields Peaking
Jesse Owens Friend Luz Long’s Silver Medal Up for Auction
In a First, Netflix’s ‘Glass Onion’ to Play in Major Chains
Gas Prices Might Bite Joe Biden Again
This Imitation Currency Crisis Needs Work
Musk and Twitter Still Have Some Loose Ends
The China Bubble Is Losing Air But Won’t Burst
Serving a Global Clientele With a Local Business in the Rockies
‘I Am Energy’: Inside the Bang Billionaire’s Reeling Empire
Biden to Pardon Thousands for Marijuana Possession
Inflation Is ‘Very Stressful’ for Almost Half of US Households
Tesla’s Vegan Leather Supplier Bets Material Will Be Used Everywhere
First US Cobalt Mining Operation to Begin After More Than 30-Year Hiatus
NY Ban on Guns in Times Square, Other Public Places Is Ruled Unconstitutional
What Can the World Learn From 100 Resilient Cities?
Black Women Represent Growing Share of US Gun Owners
Bitcoin Miner Marathon Reveals $80 Million Exposure to Bankrupt Firm
Citi Ventures Makes First Crypto Seed Investment in Startup Xalts
DeFi Protocol MakerDAO Puts $500 Million in Treasuries, Bonds
Will the Fed actually pivot? 
That’s the question markets have been intensely debating this week, with no clear answer. 


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