October 1, 2023

It’s a constant news headline, the joke of every meme, and the word we curse under our breath every time we have to put the fancy bacon back on the shelf and grab the generic turkey bacon instead. Whether we want to admit it or not, inflation is here, and it’s sticking around, folks. But first, what even is it?
All you need to remember here is the basic law of supply and demand. Oversupply means prices go down. And undersupply means prices go up, aka inflation. But what I want to remind you is that even if you can’t control how much inflation rises from month to month, there’s still plenty of ways you can beat inflation without resorting to turkey bacon.
Get Your Priorities Straight
Now, the first thing to do is make sure the most important things in your budget are covered. No, I’m not talking about your Amazon Prime membership. I’m talking about what I call your Four Walls: food, utilities, shelter and transportation. So, here’s my plan for how to beat inflation and keep your Four Walls strong!
How to Save on Food
How to Save on Utilities
How to Save on Housing
How to Save on Gas Prices
Now, that’s a lot. But don’t let it all overwhelm you—you’ve got this! Prices going up just means you have to rework your budget. So, keep an eye on things, track what you spend, and make tweaks as you need to. Then tell those rising prices to kick rocks and pound sand—because you’ve got a plan to fight inflation. For more tips on how to beat inflation, check out this article.
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