March 21, 2023

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Coin collectors are losing their minds right now.  A  flawed coin was just discovered and it is going for over $2,500.  I had to write about this because one of these coins could actually be in your change jar or pocket right now. Make sure you check before you pop it in the parking meter at the beach by mistake!
There is a quarter that was made in 2004 and there happens to be a flaw so small that you would never notice it with your naked eye. However, some coin geek did notice it and so it is worth $2,530 dollars. You are probably confused like I was. I immediately thought, if there is a flaw that makes it less valuable right? I mean that is why we all love a good scratch and dent sale when we have to buy a new fridge. In this case, it is exactly the opposite. They consider the mistake to be unique therefore making it more special. I wish we thought of human beings this way.
Here is what you are looking for.  They are Wisconsin state quarters from the year 2004. They have a cow and a wheel of cheese on them as well as an ear of corn. Now, pay special attention to the ear of corn. If you have one of these coins and there is an extra corn husk leaf with a tiny mark under it, you have a “flawed” coin that is worth more than its weight in gold. That extra leaf is not supposed to be there making it rare.  One “good condition” coin was just sold for $2,530 dollars which means the buyer feels they can get even more for it one day.
Here is a video explaining what to look for:


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