May 29, 2023

What do you look for in a venue that offers accommodation? It’s no longer just a bed for the night and Wi-Fi, is it? When many of us make bookings these days we look at what is offered in terms of convenience, safety, and the technology we need.
Smart hospitality business owners know this and have moved to meet this demand, gain loyalty, and stay competitive. 
But which are some of the more common technology trends driven by the global forces that are especially prevalent in 2022? Let’s find out.
These three elements are connected to a degree, but it’s interesting to see how they are being embraced by the hospitality industry in 2022, in many cases for the first time. 
Each of these adds a layer of value and convenience for the customer while also freeing up staff to concentrate on other tasks and functions.
Due to the war in Ukraine, every business in 2022 is increasingly focusing on saving on the energy costs. Incorporating technology that helps to do that is an obvious trend in the hospitality industry in 2022. Options include state-of-the-art sensors and detectors that can monitor whether rooms or areas are occupied and cut power to those that aren’t.
At the same time, the IOT (Internet of Things) allows connectivity to a range of ‘smart’ devices and appliances that collect data and interact via the internet. This can be used to monitor and adjust thermostats and lighting and it helps to save energy costs too.
Without cybersecurity to protect the data of a business and its clients, the tech used comes with risks that could potentially outweigh the benefits. The hospitality sector received a stark warning in June 2022 when one of Oregon’s, USA, premier luxury resorts was targeted and employees’ and guests’ sensitive information stolen.
Besides that, the war in Ukraine has spiked cyber attacks all over the world. Investing in stronger cybersec protection has clearly become a trend in 2022. So, to safeguard your valuable data as a hospitality manager/owner you should:
These, and other measures, will go a long way to afford protection for the hospitality business, its customers, and its reputation.
Many of us use voice search via our smartphones or personal assistants such as Siri. We have become so accustomed to using voice for a range of features that many people now expect this when away from home too.
Tech-savvy and on-trend hotel owners realize that this capability must be incorporated into hotels too because:
It’s a win-win because it’s convenient for customers and it makes life easier for the staff. It also helps to reduce touch technology which may impact the spread of COVID-19.
In addition, the industry is suffering from a labor crisis in 2022. Mobile-check out, messaging, and chatbots help to ease or balance out this shortfall.
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