November 28, 2023

Recent remuneration data from PwC has revealed how many top CEOs in some of South Africa’s largest companies each year.
In its latest Practices and Remuneration Trends Report for 2022, the financial services company reported that so-called ‘super-cap’ companies such as BHP Group, Anglo America, Naspers and Glencore amount for a large portion of the total market capitalisation of the JSE.
PwC reported that CEOs in such companies earn high TGPs (Total Guaranteed Package), which include an annual basic salary plus any guaranteed benefits.
An examination of fees paid across the JSE’s super caps showed that the average salary for chief executives was R27.74 million, reported PwC.
It added that an examination of TGP fees paid across the JSE shows that the median salary for chief executives was R5.71 million over the period.  By comparison, the median pay for chief financial officers was R3.63 million, and the median pay for executive directors was R3.76 million.
PwC provided the below graph indicating the average package for CEOs in super cap companies.

On top of the base salary acquired each year, CEOs often are awarded short-term incentives that seek to retain talent and longer-term incentives that vest later.
Such incentives can be given in the form of cash or shares in the company. In Remuneration Reports for publicly listed companies, the salary of non-executive and executive staff is thought out thoroughly. In terms of chief executives, their remuneration is often tied to their performance within a company, with various metrics being taken place into account.
BusinessTech looked at the top 20 JSE listed companies – in terms of market cap from Sharedata – and compared the pay between the company’s chief executive officers.
Total remuneration includes:
Note: CEO pay was sourced from publicly available annual reports or remuneration reports provided by the companies themselves. Executive pay can often vary, and the figures provided do not reflect their wealth but rather their remuneration for a year’s work – the value of the shares they hold is not taken into account.
*Glencore CEO just took over from the previous CEO Ivan Glasenberg and has not yet served a full year.
**In terms of Duncan Wanblad from Anglo American, he recently replaced Mark Cutifani, who walked away with around R168.9 million in his final year as a chief executive officer last year.
***Mpumi Zikalala only took over as CEO in January of this year; however, Themba Mkhwanazi, the previous CEO, received R46,407,000 for his service over the 2021 financial year.
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