February 21, 2024

A recent study done by Kuvera.in, a direct plan mutual fund distributor reveals that 51% Indians invest in mutual funds simply to create wealth. They don’t have any financial goals in mind.
The study further shows that 45% of the total respondents invest in mutual funds by keeping some financial goals in mind like retirement or children education. Just 2% invest in mutual funds for tax savings, shows the research.
However, the findings show different results when we distribute the results across age groups. While 55% respondents in the age group of 36-45 invest in mutual funds to achieve their financial goals, 59% in the age group of 44 and above invest to grow their wealth.
Region-specific trends show that investing for ‘financial goals’ is important for people in Chennai (62%) and Hyderabad (52%) while growing wealth appealed to most in Delhi (61%), Ahmedabad (55%), Bengaluru (54%), Kolkata (53%) and Mumbai (53% percent).
Among other key findings are:
The survey comprised a list of eight questions in which 5,559 people participated with 1028 from Delhi, 912 from Mumbai, 524 from Bengaluru, 476 from Kolkata, 420 from Chennai, 360 from Hyderabad, 188 from Ahmedabad and 444 from Pune. There were 528 women respondents. 47% percent of survey respondents fell in the age group of 25-35 while 26% percent were in 36-43 age bracket. The rest were below 25 years of age or 44 and above.


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