April 12, 2024

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Reading today’s headlines you may think that billionaire entrepreneurs are new to the space race – they’re not. It all started with them. Here’s the brief history of private space travel.
OPEC+ Production Cut Poses New Threat to Biden as Election Nears
Hedge Fund Giant D.E. Shaw Plans to Raise Fees as High as 40%
T-Mobile Follows Verizon’s Playbook in Asset-Backed Bond Market
Challenge to Florida LGBTQ School-Discussion Law Dismissed by Federal Judge
Florida Utility Aims to Restore Power to Most Customers by Late Friday
Temasek’s 65 Equity Partners Pours $80 Million Into ShopBack
Sony Betting Big on Next VR Headset With Increased Production Plan
Peloton Signs Deal to Put Fitness Bikes in Hilton’s 5,400 US Hotels
House Jan. 6 Panel Tentatively Reschedules Hearing for Next Week
US to Announce New Limits on Chip Technology Exports to China
Kardashian SEC Slap is Fresh Warning Shot Over Crypto Promotion
NYC Offices to See $50 Billion in Value Wiped Out, Study Says
Met Opera Starts Streaming of Live Performances to Homes
Complete Games Disappearing in Baseball’s Analytics Age
Gilts Are Bland. But Even Indian Bonds Aren’t Spicy?
People Decided to Get Scared About Credit Suisse
Home Ownership Is Way Too Hard for Millennials and Gen Z
Maine Lobster Union Points the Way for Organizing Gig Economy Workers
Millions in Cryptocurrency Vanished as Agents Watched Helplessly
Cash Retakes Its Crown as the Fed Wrestles With Inflation
Planned Parenthood to Launch Mobile Abortion Clinic Along Illinois Borders
Read the Full Report on Sexual Misconduct by US Women’s Soccer Coaches
Fossil-Fuel Financing Poses Growing Risks to Biggest Banks
EV Demand Sparks Revival of US Manganese Mining After Decades
Readers: What Home Designs Are You Curious About?
Chief Heat Officers Face Rising Temperatures — and Expectations
How Do You Wedge a Condo Into a Tiny Site? Work the Angles
Top Wall Street Watchdogs to Congress: Give Us More Power to Police Bitcoin
DeFi Project SushiSwap Finds a New Leader After Crypto Struggles
Wall Street-Backed Bitcoin Firm NYDIG Replaces CEO, President

Whether super-safe US Treasuries or the riskiest emerging equities, global stocks and bonds have lost a record $36 trillion in value over the past nine months in a wild selloff that engulfed assets right across the risk spectrum.
With the year heading into its last quarter, there is likely more pain ahead. Central banks are in full fire-fighting mode, making clear they intend to raise interest rates further to douse inflation, even if that leads to economic recession. 


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