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The largest 10 richest charities are worth more than £66bn altogether, which accounts for almost 14% of the entire sector’s wealth, according to an analysis of new Charity Commission figures.
Carried out by Charity Finance, the analysis shows that the combined assets of the 169,061 registered charities in England and Wales amount to over £483bn.
While charity sector investments are dwarfed by the public and private sectors, they are disproportionately held by a small number of large charities. 
Almost a quarter of the charity sector’s assets (£119bn) are held by the largest 100 charities, which amount to 0.05% of the organisations in the sector.
Compared to 2017, only three of the charities in the top ten have altered. International Facility for Immunisation, Charities Aid Foundation and Motability are the only new charities to appear on the top 10 from the last five years. 
You can read the full article in the October edition of Charity Finance Magazine.
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