July 18, 2024

ONE TikToker has revealed a side hustle that could earn more than $100 that does not require showing your face online.
User SimpleFreedomLife creates content about quitting your 9 to 5 job and achieving financial freedom.
Recently, she unveiled a side hustle that can bring more than $100 per sale: affiliate marketing.
These gigs involve earning commission in exchange for marketing a company's products.
“It’s completely free and legit,” she said.
Here are the steps to making this type of money in your free time.
First, SimpleFreedomLife said, you need to go to the website for ClickBank.
Once you create an account, you need to go to Affiliate Marketplace.
Under that, you will see a range of industries you can choose from.
SimpleFreedomLife opted for the ‘Health and Fitness’ section.
However, she said there’s one thing you must do when searching for a side hustle from this list.
“Make sure you search by gravity,” SimpleFreedomLife said.
“You want to look for high gravity and high conversion.”
The gravity rate is how popular a product is on the Internet.
It’s important when browsing to stay away from options with a gravity lower than 20, SimpleFreedomLife said.
The TikToker was able to find jobs with an average conversion rate of $148.73.
SimpleFreedomLife chose the option of a smoothie diet program aimed at a 21 rapid day weight loss.
The gravity score was 188.7, while the average conversion was $29.14.
All you have to do is click on the affiliate page to get the affiliate links.
Then, go to the free stock image collection website Pexels and type in something related to your offer, the TikToker said.
For SimpleFreedomLife, this meant searching the website for smoothie content.
To finish up your affiliate marketing side hustle, you go to Pinterest and add a new post.
You'll just need to create a new title and description alongside the photo and use keywords to drive traffic to the offer you selected.
This is where you can craft a story and create compelling content that influences your audience to buy a product.
“Now anytime someone buys from that link, you get paid,” SimpleFreedomLife said.
To achieve the highest rate of success, you need to start with a niche you’re well versed in as a content creator.
People aren’t going to trust just anyone when it comes to their fitness or health (or any other market vertical), so it’s important that you establish a baseline of credibility.
The higher the quality of content, the more likely people are to purchase an item from your affiliate link.
Then, make sure to spread your content as widely as you can.
There are also several other side hustles out there that you can try.
For example, one man makes $1,000s per week by selling mattresses.
Plus, an ATM investment is earning another $4,000 per month.
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