July 14, 2024

Stay positive, keep negativity at bay, embrace optimismare some quotes that everyone uses loosely to motivate others to persist and perform. However, they have become cliché and fail to create the intended impact. Life coach Abhishek Raj Jain says that these cliches cannot inspire success. According to Abhishek, demotivated individuals need advice that works. While he does not deny the law of attraction and the power of staying optimistic, he believes that one needs to put the point across in a different way.
“While everyone faces challenges, it is not fair to tell a struggling person that what they are facing is insignificant because others face it too”, says Abhishek who knows quite a bit about achievement psychology. He says that telling people to hide their fears and display a positive stance is unfair and detrimental to their mental health and success. They need to be shown the right way to navigate their challenges and fear.
Abhishek has passed several dark phases of life to reach where he is today. He has achieved phenomenal success on his own terms despite coming from a simple family. His crowd-moving abilities have always received recognition and now he is moving crowds by telling them the secrets he learnt on his way to success.
To motivate his followers to be optimistic, he tells them to set small goals that matter and not chase illusions. He tells them that instead of chasing the limelight they should chase small goals that make the bigger picture. He often quotes this example: “If you wish to climb a mountain, think about walking a kilometer first. When you see small goals, you are automatically optimistic about them because you know you can achieve them. This helps you to achieve that goal and helps you with the motivation to chase the next milestone. Thus, step by step, you climb the mountain.” According to him, it is not difficult to stay positive for smaller goals.
Abhishek Raj Jainoften talks about the phase when his family was in constant limelight, and he understood the negatives of being a social figure. He saw his father and uncle struggle with business challenges and navigate through the issues with thought, planning and control. Here is where he learned about the right way to manage aspects of practical life. He admits that he has lost his motivation and positivity several times but soon regained it by following the small-goals approach.
He also worked hard to bring his weight from 126 kgs to the normal range of 75Kgs. The same approach helped him there too. He says that he looked forward to each kilogram and every kilo lost motivated him to tackle the next.
He now wishes to change lives, one coaching session at a time. He is achieving significant success in these goals as he is becoming popular among middle to elite people significantly. 
To fulfill this goal, Abhishek is planning to launch courses which would help millions of users to kick start their journey of self-reliant. The course would be under 3 categories including social media and digital marketing, health and wellness, professional services.There will be a multitude of courses under each category, and it will increase skills in youths and will make them self-reliant. By taking these courses, user will enroll under a loyalty program and business opportunity, with such program, one can earn from 50k to 2 lakhs per month. 
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