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Mosaic is a beautiful form of art, and there are many types of projects that can be made using the technique. Mosaic refers to putting patterns together on a surface using glass, stone, or ceramic. We’ll walk you through some of the best mosaic projects you can make at home and sell.

What Is a Mosaic Project?

You can make DIY mosaic projects from materials such as glass stones, sea glass, and even broken china and broken mason jars. For DIY mosaics, you can also use other materials such as rocks, glass, CDs, and DVDs.
There are many types of DIY project ideas that mosaics can be used with broken pieces, and they can be used as stepping stones in the garden, art hangings, and other excellent gifts and items. You can sell your DIY mosaics both in person and online for customers looking for these items.

What Do You Need for a DIY Mosaic Project?

The basics for a DIY mosaic project include:

  • A surface or base to put together the pattern, ensure that it can handle the weight of your decoration
  • Decoration materials, known as tesserae for mosaic, including small pieces of broken china, sea glass, glass, tiles, broken mason jar pieces, or any other materials
  • A marker to sketch out your design on the chosen surface
  • Adhesive to glue down the pieces onto your design. The adhesive type will vary based on the surface you decide to decorate, so make sure to do your research before selecting the adhesive.
  • Grout to fill the spaces in between the mosaic materials
  • Sealant to protect your final product as the finishing touch

Top Mosaic Projects to Make and Sell

There are many wonderful ideas for mosaics that you can make and sell. Mosaics are always a welcome addition to community crafts, and you can make creative indoor and outdoor decorative pieces using DIY mosaics.

1. Flower pots made from broken china

You can make beautiful flower pots using creative options such as broken china for a unique look. Using the china pieces, you can decorate flower pots to create stunning artwork that people can place outdoors.

2. Christmas ornaments

You can use glass and other materials to make gorgeous Christmas ornaments to sell over the holidays. So many people are looking for adorable ornament designs during the holiday season, and you can create a mosaic keepsake they can hang for years to come.
A frame is a great mosaic project since it’s easy to start and can be hung indoors. To make amazing designs, you can use unique materials such as stones, sea glass, or even seashells on the frame.

4. Stepping stones

Another popular mosaic project is to create and sell stepping stones for gardens using premixed concrete from a garden store. It can be an incredibly unique type of project that’s perfect for outdoor spaces.

5. Coffee table design

A mosaic coffee table can be a great way to make furniture stand out. You can use resources like broken glass from a mason jar, colorful tiles, and other materials to make fantastic shapes as part of the table design.

6. Planters

A planter is useful for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and you can decorate using mosaic patterns. For example, your planter could feature rocks, seashells, and glass as decoration items to create gorgeous designs.

7. Fun wall art

You can use mosaic to design DIY wall hangings using seashells, glass, or even broken CDs. The hangings can have short sayings or single words spelled out using broken CDs, DVDs, and other types of material.
Many beach houses and homes feature mosaic designs on the door using glass stones or stained glass. You can create custom DIY mosaic designs for customers based on home decor that matches the theme of their home and can easily brighten up their space.

9. Vases

Mosaic is also great for covering simple vases and mason jar options to make it pop. You can use colorful designs and other resources to cover the vase and create beautiful DIY vases at home to sell.

10. Coasters

Another way to recycle old DVDs and CDs is to use them as mosaics for items such as coasters. You can also use other recyclable pieces, such as china and sea glass, to make unique mosaic designs that can be used as decorative items.

11. Garden decorations

People are always looking for attractive decorations to place or hang in their gardens, and mosaic is a good fit for items like these. The type of garden decor used for DIY mosaic projects could include rock decorations and other designs that could be placed easily among plants and trees.
Another home item that could be easily turned into a DIY mosaic includes serving trays. These can be used as an interior design piece or be functional trays with a fun twist using mosaics.

13. Furniture items

Besides a table, mosaics can also be used to upcycle other pieces of furniture, such as chairs and stools, depending on what you find. You can use DIY mosaic to bring old home items to life and make it into art pieces.

14. Wind chimes

You don’t see DIY mosaic windchimes often, making them an exciting and unique home item that’s easy for advertising. These can be hung outside on porches and patios and are perfect for adding a piece of functional art to a home.

Where Can You Sell DIY Mosaic Projects?

You can sell DIY mosaic projects at craft fairs, at a thrift store, or at local home decor boutiques. You can also sell your DIY mosaic projects online on platforms such as Etsy.
You will need to price mosaic based on the cost of the material used, including the pieces you’ve used, adhesive, sealant, and other tools. You will also need to take into account the time spent creating the artwork when deciding on a final price. Finally, look at data from other artists selling similar types of DIY mosaic items to settle on a competitive price.
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