May 19, 2024

SINGAPORE–()–Positioned in a prime location on the highways of Selangor, Malaysia, a series of billboards highlighting “One-on-One English Courses with Foreign Teachers” attracts attention from afar. This marks the official entry of 51Talk into the Malaysian market. 51Talk is set on the path to exploring and revolutionizing the Malaysian online English education market and industry.
51Talk entered the Malaysian market in March 2020, when the world was plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic with face-to-face classes suspended as a result. Leveraging the mode of “Internet + Education,” 51Talk uses a network cable and a screen to develop a new online mode for teaching English.
51Talk selects quality teachers around the world to implement immersive one-on-one classes taught by foreign teachers. Not only can these classes effectively create an immersive English environment and enhance students’ English communication skills by enabling students to come into contact with foreign teachers at an early age, they can also encourage students to speak and communicate with others, as well as improve their English accent, pronunciation and thinking skills.
In order to help students to acquire good verbal communication skills and attain better academic results, 51Talk adopts a short, high-frequency and effective method by setting the duration of a class at 25 minutes along with pre-reading, post-class review, tests and extended reading to ensure students gain and absorb all the knowledge learnt from class for better results. On the other hand, 51Talk prides itself on having a 3% passing rate, selecting the cream of the crop for guaranteeing the quality of education.
Online learning on 51Talk enables students to utilize fragmented time to learn anytime, anywhere. Between the two years from 2020 to 2022, 51Talk has received acknowledgement and praise from numerous parents and now, as all states and federal territories in Malaysia are able to access classes provided by 51Talk, 51Talk is becoming the most reliable and effective English education brand in Malaysia.
Up to date, over 40 million 51Talk users come from 50 countries and regions, with the aggregate number of classes held amounting to over 100 million and the number of Filipino and North American teachers exceeding 20k users. Looking forward, 51Talk will continue to expand in the Malaysian market so that all Malaysian users are able to benefit from quality online English education.
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