April 19, 2024

The Prove What’s Possible campaign shines a light on founders who are leveraging AWS to drive industry transformation, positively impact their communities, and build a better world for the future. From machine learning-powered 3D mind maps that revolutionise neurosurgery, to an NFT-based game built on the Ethereum blockchain, to a homegrown cryptocurrency platform making it easier to trade and invest, the Australian businesses featured demonstrate that even though it is challenging to launch and grow a successful startup, with a big idea and the right support, it is possible.
The campaign launched today across digital, social, and podcast platforms. It follows the recent national AWS Australia brand campaign, Curiosity Kid, and is part of AWS’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness of how Australian businesses can grow and innovate by harnessing the power of cloud technology.
“Through the Prove What’s Possible campaign, we’re celebrating the innovation, passion, and resilience inherent in Australia’s startup ecosystem, showcasing founders from a broad cross-section of backgrounds and industries who are brave and bold enough to find new solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges,” said John Kearney, Head of Startups, Australia and New Zealand, AWS. “Launching and growing a startup is not an easy journey – founders dig deep within themselves to find the courage to solve problems that have never been solved before, and spot possibilities where many others see limitations. This pioneering spirit is what inspires us at AWS, too – that’s why, for over 15 years, we’ve helped more startups launch, build, and succeed than any other cloud provider, offering the technology tools, mentorship, and technical support to enable startup founders to bring their ambitious, world-changing ideas to life, and prove what’s possible.”
The ‘Billion Dollar Napkin’ Vodcast and Podcast series
‘Billion Dollar Napkin,’ a filmed podcast series consisting of six 30-minute episodes, features in-depth interviews with startup founders who discuss the trials and tribulations they faced from ideation, to launch, to scale, as well as their startup’s growth journey powered by AWS.
Hosted by Australian television and radio personality, Adam Spencer, ‘Billion Dollar Napkin’ aims to reveal the personal and often unseen side of a startup’s success story. Throughout the series, Spencer digs into what makes founders tick.
“The thing you realise throughout the course of this series is that while many entrepreneurs-in-the-making have a billion-dollar idea, so few will actually go through with it,” said Spencer. “These are the founders that have taken that leap of faith, separating them from the rest. It was a blast to get to pick their brains about how they risked everything to fully commit to their idea, and the success they’ve enjoyed as a result.”
The first episode of ‘Billion Dollar Napkin’ features the founders of crypto exchange Swyftx, and is available now on major podcast platforms. Subsequent episodes will be released fortnightly, featuring the founders of other prominent Australian startups, including mobile menu, ordering, and payments platform Mr Yum; social media community and conversation management tool Pattr; workforce intelligence platform Reejig; digital brain mapping company Omniscient Neurotechnology; and open-world, NFT gaming platform Illuvium.
“Every founder knows the unique mix of exhilaration and fear that comes with taking the plunge and launching a startup – it’s the feeling that accompanies the decision to back yourself and your idea and really go for it. While it can be one of the biggest risks of your life, what makes it easier is knowing that you’re not alone on the journey. Startup life can be a wild ride of wins and losses, and it’s critical to surround yourself with the right allies,” said Alex Harper, Co-CEO & Founder of Brisbane-based fintech, Swyftx. “In our case, we’ve benefitted from support and guidance from AWS, which has helped us turn our business idea into a reality. We’ve shared our story on ‘Billion Dollar Napkin’ to help inspire a new generation of startup founders by showing them what’s possible when you have a big idea, even bigger ambitions, and the right technology behind you.”
“15 years ago, it wouldn’t have been conceivable for someone like me, with no IT background or expertise, to launch and grow a tech company that is now recognized as one of the fastest growing startups in Australia. It takes game-changing technology, dedication, determination, and a supportive network to get to where we are today,” said Siobhan Savage, CEO and Co-founder of Sydney-based workforce intelligence platform, Reejig. “Our mission is to create a world with Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and society; where everyone has access to personally meaningful work, no matter their background or circumstance. As a result of sharing Reejig’s journey through AWS’s Prove What’s Possible campaign, my hope is that our story resonates with future founders, helps unlock the potential in Australia’s startup ecosystem and across the business landscape, and serves as a reminder to chase your ideas.”
The ‘Found to Founded’ content series
‘Found to Founded’ is a short-form video web series that takes a look at the universal ‘lightbulb moment’ experienced by all founders, kickstarting the journey from spotting a problem, to identifying a solution, through to founding a startup.
The three-part video series features solar energy finance provider Brighte, drone logistics company Swoop Aero, and legal access startup Law on Earth. The series documents each founder’s success story including the highs and lows along the way to proving their idea possible. The short films all launch today, and are available to watch on the Prove What’s Possible site.
Following the launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in 2012, AWS has invested more than AUD $8 billion in local infrastructure and jobs across Australia. AWS has also trained more than 200,000 individuals with cloud skills since 2017, and employs thousands of people in its offices across Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth.
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