April 20, 2024

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Proud Iowa parents who’ve already posted photos online of their kids heading back to school might consider taking them down.
Lisa Schiller, with the Better Business Bureau, says sharing pictures of your child holding a sign on their first day of the new school year could create risks. “Back to school photos with those children holding a board with their full name, age, height, and other details,” Schiller says, “that’s great for your own personal information, keep it in the home, but don’t put it on social media.”
Schiller explains how those popular photos could become dangerous in the online environment. “Scammers or predators could actually use this information to commit identity theft or they could use it to earn your child’s trust,” she says. Also, all of that data could be used to steal your — or your child’s — identity, or it could be used to guess passwords and break into online accounts.
Schiller says, “You may want to remove personal information from your account that others can see, like your telephone number or your address.” It’s important to check your social media settings to see with whom you’re exchanging information. Also, look over your “friends” list and make sure what you’re sharing is going to the correct people. Some settings mean if a friend hits “like” on your post, all of their friends can see it, too.
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