July 19, 2024

Brevity App
Planning a trip can be exciting but also extremely time-consuming; from hotels to restaurants to activities, getting a game plan together can take hours if not days. Worse still, you may have spent a lot of time finding the “right” spots only to discover the places you thought were cool are actually tourist traps. That’s where new travel tech company Brevity comes in to help — you select a city, time frame and your personal travel preferences and within 24 hours the app generates a customized itinerary for you. All selections have been personally vetted by Brevity, ensuring you a quality over quantity experience.
Like many business ideas, the idea for Brevity was born out of founder John O’Korn’s personal frustrations. The former professional football player lived in an array of cities during his childhood, college and career including Houston, Los Angeles and New York City. His knowledge of various cities made him the go-to guy for recommendations and he also reached out to his friends to find out their favorite spots in various cities while traveling. “I thought there’s got to be a better way to get recommendations, technology is too good these days,” says O’Korn. This recurring challenge of finding the right places would lead to the creation of Brevity, an app that inspires and ideates trips for you. “We save people on average ten hours per trip in planning and researching,” says O’Korn. “We put the best things in front of you as quickly as possible and it’s all personalized to you as well.”
John O’Korn
A Brevity itinerary will give you a concise overview of a city, entry requirements, the weather and then three to five recommendations for bars, hotels, restaurants and experiences. For a trip to Florence, for example, Brevity recommends the restaurant Buca Mario, Angel Roofbar for drinks, and Gucci Gardens as an experience. In a city that’s practically overrun with tourists in the summer, these selections are not the ones you’ll find at the top of TripAdvisor but rather carefully curated through a local lens. The app also allows users to rate their experiences creating a feedback loop that ensures the recommendations continue to be worthwhile. Currently Brevity has over 300 cities worldwide in the app but also has a team on the backend building new itineraries every day. This summer locations such as the South of France or Italy were particularly popular while Croatia is trending for early fall. Domestically, The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, and Napa Valley were frequently requested by Brevity users.
Brevity App
On top of providing you with selections, Brevity also has a white glove service which will book for you and this month it will launch in-app hotel bookings to 720,000 hotel properties around the world. At $2500 a year, the Brevity membership is geared towards affluent professionals and digital nomads whose most valuable asset is their time. There’s also a monthly option for those who want to test the app or simply have one month of several trips ahead while the rest of the year is usually quieter. In the future the app will also open up tiers which will make Brevity more accessible to lower price points.
Brevity also aims to build a community online and has hosted events in places such as The Surf Lodge in Montauk and Jackson Hole, and will hold a New Year’s Eve event at The Snow Lodge in Aspen. With less time spent planning and perusing the Internet, you’ll get to spend more time enjoying experiences and making memories while using Brevity.


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