July 17, 2024

Blockchain Gaming Giant Declares the Web3 Era Open for Business
NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a bold statement, ChainGuardians has declared that the Web3 Metaverse is open for business and they intend to help fund its future. Today ChainGuardians has committed $1MM in grants to entrepreneurs looking to enter the Web3 space. The “Guardians Phygital Grant” program will help entrepreneurs get integrated into the Web3 space by providing education, guidance, connections and initial financing to help integrate and incubate their business ideas into a wide variety of places in the Metaverse, including the Cyrptoverse, ChainGuardians personal blockchain powered Metaverse.
ChainGuardians is looking to invest in a future where the line between the universe and metaverse will be indecipherable.
In honor of their first presence at the recently completed New York Fashion week, where they unveiled their Phygital Meta Streetwear Collection, ChainGuardians will award $50,000 business grants to two Fashion/Luxury-based businesses. In the future, ChainGuardians will also launch a new $100,000 grant opportunity in a different business sector, such as wine and spirits, toys, electronics and music. The goal of the program is to create awareness of the unlimited opportunities Web3 offers entrepreneurs in terms of new revenue streams, brand awareness and untapped consumer audiences.
Since 2018, ChainGuardians has been building in the Web3 space with their own Superhero brand IP, while helping many blockchain projects begin to navigate the space. Within the ChainGuardians ecosystem, users are empowered to govern and monetize experiences as they create, build, manufacture, own, trade via a decentralized ecosystem.
“We believe the Web3 Metaverse is the future of internet and we are here to promote the adoption” said ChainGuardians co-founder and CEO Emma Liu. “ChainGuardians is dedicated to playing an increasingly pivotal role in the creation of an open metaverse that delivers real-world implications.”
The grants are designed to support the entrepreneurial interests of manufacturers, designers, retailers, merchandisers, influencers, artists, essentially anyone looking to bring a business idea to life in the ChainGuardians ecosystem. To enter any of the Guardians Phygital Grant competitions, entrepreneurs simply need to submit a brief overview of the type of business, idea or experience they are looking to enter into the Web3 space. Submissions can be made beginning October 1st at www.guardians.boutique/guardians-grant. Each submission will then be reviewed by ChainGuardians and a final five will be put forth to the entire ChainGuardians community to choose the two grant winners.
Support for these budding Web3 entrepreneurs doesn’t stop with just the grants. Each winner will also receive guidance on building and launching their business from a ChainGuardians expert business panel.
With initiatives such as this innovative grant program, ChainGuardians is poised to break through the technological and ideological barriers of the physical world to deliver the future economies of business the Web3 Metaverse will offer, changing the way we buy, sell, trade and share ideas, goods and information.

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The Guardians Phygital Grant will help fashion develop in the metaverse.
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