July 19, 2024

Residents of Grand Rapids can participate in the next phase of community-centered participatory budgeting.
The Participatory Budgeting Grand Rapids (PBGR) initiative now will feature a public voting period Sept. 30 to Oct. 5 to finalize submitted project proposals.
After nearly 600 project ideas were generated during the call for submissions, “budget delegates” ranked ideas with support from city staff and developed the ideas into feasible proposals.
Now, the PGBR steering committee earlier this week shared the final 27 project proposals up for public vote.
Residents 13 years and older are eligible to vote for projects proposed in the ward in which they reside. Voting can take place online or in person at all Grand Rapids Public Library locations plus various PBGR Pull Up & Vote pop-up events during the voting period.
Voting results will determine which projects will be forwarded to the city commission for funding approval.
PBGR, which began in 2021, serves as a democratic process to give community members a voice on public spending projects. The city reserved $2 million in American Rescue Plan funds to contribute to the finalized projects.
More details on the project proposals, online voting process and pop-up voting events are here.



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