April 12, 2024

Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice is a research-backed program for those who are eager to promote racial and social justice in the workplace and daily lives.
HOUSTON–()–Companies and organizations are seeking sustainable ways to create an inclusive environment. To address these concerns, Leading Consciously, a diversity, equity, and inclusion development firm, has launched a new online membership program dedicated to promoting racial and social justice in the workplace and in communities. Jean Latting, Leading Consciously CEO and Founder, is an organizational consultant and management coach who spent decades teaching and consulting within private and public sector organizations. These experiences and Harvard Business Review reports have found that racially and ethnically diverse companies have a 36% higher likelihood of financially outperforming less diverse companies, which put their jobs and companies at risk.
Pathfinders: Leadership for Racial and Social Justice is unparalleled in that the online membership program guides members on their path to social justice in an enlightening environment. Pathfinders helps individuals and organizations create resilient, sustainable, multicultural, and inclusive settings that promote employee retention and prepare managers to have conversations about race with employees. Members will discover how to reduce racism and microaggressions, promote inclusion in society, and have access to insightful views.
“We at Leading Consciously are excited to help people discover new insights and provide context to real-world situations so our members can think deeply about how these situations affect them at work and in their personal lives. We are intentional about our discussions and provide time for reflection so individuals can feel empowered to lead change in their own ways,” says Jean Latting, Founder of Leading Consciously.
For those who are unsure how they can make a difference or what growth opportunities may lie for them within the Pathfinders program, this complimentary quiz will help them determine their personality strengths and areas of growth.
About Leading Consciously
Leading Consciously is a leadership development firm dedicated to building community among those who wish to make a difference in their work, personal, and community lives based on the concepts and skills of Reframing Change, a published book authored by Jean Latting. Latting is a 20+ year researcher, consultant, management coach, and teacher who founded Leading Consciously to train organizations and individuals about multiculturalism and diversity.
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