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On Monday, Oct. 3, Launch Greensboro announced a call for applications for its annual pitch competition – Capital Connects – a sort of local incarnation of the popular television show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs have a short time to pitch their ideas for products and businesses with a chance to get some funding.
The annual Capital Connects event, which has been going on for over two decades, is meant to serve as a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding for their companies and ideas.
The competition is set to take place on March 15 of next year in downtown Greensboro. The deadline for applications for Capital Connects is Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022.
To apply, register to attend, or to find additional event information, visit CapitalConnects.org.
There are actually two competitions: (1) a two-minute lightning round for seed- stage businesses, and (2) a six-minute pitch for Series A-stage businesses.
At the competition in March, a panel of expert judges will choose a winner in each category, who’ll win two things – cash and in-kind services.
In addition to the winners chosen by the Capital Connects judges, the audience will vote on a “Fan Favorite” business idea.
Rich Camacho, the co-founder and CEO of Blue Recruit and the 2021 6-Minute Pitch winner, said a lot of benefits come along with winning.
“Capital Connects is far more than a pitch competition with a sizable check,” he said. “It is a gateway to a community of individuals and companies that want to help your team grow and see you succeed.”
The winners of the 2022 pitch competition were F3TCH, a Wilmington-based mobile app business for hotels and resorts, and Without a Trace Foods, an allergen- friendly, gluten-free snack company.
Launch Greensboro, which is the entrepreneurship division of the Greensboro Area Chamber of Commerce – is meant to promote growth for local entrepreneurs through “education, mentoring and access to capital.”
To find out more about Launch Greensboro, visit www.launchgreensboro.com.

Good article. Suggest you be cautious if dealing with Greensboro city govt.
Pardon my (usual) sarcasasum; but we should “vote” to give money to selected business that we like the best? What criteria is that for a start-up?
Really, you don’t have select your favorite bidness, just make the County more business-friendly. Like, reduce the property tax rate for everyone, more well-paid and trained police forces. Reduced regulation for everyone (like the trash can police). Many other common sense things. Then they will come all by themselves.
Just make me King of Guilford County. I’ll put a stop to this merde.
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