March 1, 2024

Hong Kong brokerage Victory Securities has been family owned for the last 50 years and Kennix Chan, a third-generation member and controlling shareholder, is continuing that legacy by developing new systems, software and applications. Victory Securities was founded by his grandfather, Dr Kou Tak Tai, who sought to build an enduring business that focused not only on short-term trading and brokering, but also on building lifetime relationships with customers and partners. Chan learned the importance of trust and integrity from his grandfather, as well as the most important lesson of all: to be strict on yourself but lenient on others.
One of his key accomplishments was to get Victory Securities listed on the HKEx in 2018. After the listing, with the ambition to further expand and drive innovation in the company, Chan devoted time to improving the client experience while increasing efficiency. This enabled the firm to become an early adopter in the financial industry of integrated digital back-office and trading systems.
He’s now setting up a new subsidiary, Victory Fintech, aimed at establishing a virtual asset exchange in Hong Kong that will act as a gateway for financial institutions to access virtual assets legitimately and securely.
Being born into a family business doesn’t make things easier, Chan believes. Instead, he finds that to prove his competence and gain people’s trust he has to work twice as hard as anyone else for a long time. As well as making decisions for the company and managing his people daily, Chan also spends much of his time generating new business ideas and maintaining connections. Outside of work, his hobbies include boxing, wake surfing, cooking and, lately, trying his hand at amateur poker.

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