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Announcement posted by Lookaroo 27 Sep 2022
Australian tech startup Lookaroo has announced this week a new edtech platform is being created just for kids. Lookaroo Kids is a safe internet browsing app and search engine with one simple mission in mind: to create an online environment that allows kids to play, discover and explore in a safe, appropriate way.
Children are getting earlier access to devices and big tech continues to be not only negligent in their duty of care for younger users but deliberately tracking, collecting and selling data about children’s usage on their parents devices.
Lookaroo Kids is the brainchild of Australian mother of two and General Manager of Lookaroo, Von Hosking, whose journey into the murky depths of the tech world has made her increasingly wary of trusting the big platforms to do the right thing.
“Many parents assume that because a big tech company releases a child friendly version of their app with moderated content it also results in less tracking; but we now know in many instances that’s not the case,” said Mrs Hosking.
“A Human Rights Watch report recently found that 89% of education tech products are tracking, monitoring and creating data profiles with and without consent of parents.
“Our kids are not products. We’re building Lookaroo Kids to give parents back control not only of content consumed but also provide a shield against big tech whose business model relies upon data collection.”
Available as a desktop browser extension and browser app for mobiles, Lookaroo Kids works by handpicking websites, vetted and selected by a team of parents, teachers and educators to ensure high quality age-appropriate results. No explicit content, no ads, no data or search tracking. Just simple, safe and fun online browsing. 
The engine uses an independent search index and tracker blockers to ensure children are completely safe online and are not exposed to privacy invasions, biases or economic interests of Big Tech.
Lookaroo Kids is aimed at children aged 5-11 and will be launching in 2023 in time for the new school year. 
Lookaroo is based in Brisbane and is a BOSSCAP initiative. 
For more information visit www.lookaroo.com.au

Media contact:
Von Hosking, General Manager, Lookaroo, 0401 815 853, Me***@lo******.au
Lookaroo Kids is an Australian owned and operated, safe and private search engine designed for Primary School aged students, their parents and teachers.
Lookaroo Kids is designed and built eliminating the need for children to use traditional search engines to study or learn online. This protects students from malicious actors, trackers and bots which collect, save, profile and sell your child’s data.
Lookaroo Kids gives kids a safe, simple and fun environment for them to explore and learn. Parents and caregivers can more easily guide their child’s online journey as they discover new and exciting interests along the way.



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