October 7, 2022

Three Lubbock pizza restaurants will offer a heated challenge to customers starting Thursday to raise funds and awareness as part of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.
One Guy from Italy, at 1101 University Ave. and 4320 50th St., along with Giorgio’s Pizza, 1018 Broadway, will start a Pizza Roulette Spicy Slice challenge from Thursday, Sept. 22, through Oct. 22. The challenge will have customers upgrade their pizza for $2, and one slice will be spicy, the businesses announced in a news release.
“Taking on our spicy slice challenge is nothing compared to the challenge these kids have to take on everyday living with cancer,” said Gabe Vitela, owner.
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The $2 will go to Covenant Children’s Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic.
“One of our biggest priorities at Covenant Children’s is to ensure a bright and thriving future for our pediatric cancer patients,” said Dr. Amy Thompson, Covenant Children’s CEO. “One Guy from Italy is helping us with that goal by not only their financial contribution to our clinic, but the awareness they are raising for how many kids are impacted by childhood cancer.”
Both groups ask that people who take on the challenge tag with #PizzaRoulette, @oneguylubbock, and @covenantchildrens on social media.


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