November 28, 2023

Seventeen picks products that we think you’ll love the most. We may earn commission from the links on this page.
Kim Kardashian started her business empire on Ebay.
Starting a career in fashion is basically impossible when you live in the middle of nowhere (

trust me, I’ve done it). But you actually can start building your resume – and get paid for it – right from your home, no matter where you live.
There are tons of apps, websites, and over-the-phone gigs that will slide you checks for at-home work – you legit don’t even have to leave your bed for most of these. So prep your bank account, slip into your coziest sweats, and check out these online jobs for teens – in the fashion industry and beyond.
If your dream is to one day open your own home decor store, art gallery, or vintage boutique, start now with your own Etsy page. You’ll be rolling in cash in no time, because a $4 garage sale lamp will sell for twenty times that to the right buyer.
Kim Kardashian got her start in Ebay (I’m not kidding) and you can too. She made bank selling designer clothes for her friends, but you can put anything up for auction on the site, not just clothing. List old video games, too-small clothes, textbooks, rejected Christmas gifts – literally anything you’ve got laying around.
At the start of every new season, go through all your old clothes and if you didn’t wear it last year, it’s time to go. Make money off of all those old items by selling them on Poshmark (or one of these other online resale sites). Just download the app and upload pics of your old clothing, shoes, and accessories. Then wait for someone to bid. Easy!
There are actually a lot of ways to get paid through your favorite social media site. If you’ve got a ton of followers (usually 5,000 is the minimum), start emailing brands you love with collaboration ideas. Brands will pay you to post photos of their products, which is how all those famous bloggers make money.
If you don’t have a huge following, start an account to showcase your special talent and find clients. Great at graphic design? Post your art for purchase. Do you basically live at your local thrift store? Post your best items for sale.
Even if kids aren’t your thing, you should still check out Families use the site to hire help with housekeeping, errands, odd jobs, and even pet sitting. If you are into babysitting, look here to find yourself a new gig. You only have to be 14 or older to set up a profile and connect with families in your area.
Choosing a college, picking a major, planning out your career – that sh*t is stressful. Don’t you just wish you could get paid to play with puppies all day? Ehem – well, you can.
Apps like Rover and Wag connect experienced dog walkers and cat sitters with people looking for help. You can legit get paid to have a puppy sleep at your house for a weekend or just take a local dog for a 30-minute walk. Fill out a profile here, pass the background check, and start playing with animals (for money). Just one catch: you have to be 18 to join.
This site is crazy cool and perfect for anyone who lives on the internet (it me!). Swagbucks will give you points to shop online, watch videos, and answer surveys, then you can redeem those points for gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, etc,) or cold hard digital cash via PayPal.
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Seventeen picks products that we think you’ll love the most. We may earn commission from the links on this page.
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