June 19, 2024

The Legacy Lab, Team One’s award-winning think tank and strategic consultancy announced today the call for submissions for its annual scholarship. Now in its fourth year, the scholarship will go to a student who represents the next generation of legacy makers. With growing interest in the scholarship, this year’s recipient will receive $15,000 to put toward school-related expenses, an increase over the previous year’s $10,000. 
The scholarship will continue to honour Black and African American students to help achieve their long-term ambitions as future leaders and entrepreneurs. The scholarship recipient will go to a student having an ambition to revolutionize an industry, change social norms, and bring lasting change to their communities and beyond. 
Launched in 2012, The Legacy Lab explores the dynamics of long-term brand building in a short-term world. The think tank includes The Legacy Lab Consultancy and The Legacy Lab Foundation. The Consultancy is designed to help premium brands build legacies to endure with everlasting value. The Foundation is a non-profit created to invest in leaders and organisations aiming to make a noteworthy difference in the world. 
Mark Miller, chief strategy officer at Team One and founder of The Legacy Lab, said, “When we started to study those businesses making a long-term difference in a short-term world, we took our cues from established leaders and brands. Now, 10 years later, we’re living in a time where today’s youth – sometimes more than their elders – have made it their mission to create businesses that make an enduring and positive contribution to society.” Mark added, “This scholarship program is meant to celebrate the next-generation of leaders who see business as a force for making lasting change.”
Last year, Team One and The Legacy Lab Foundation awarded Kimiloluwa Fafowora, a student at Stanford Graduate School of Business and founder of Gander, an eCommerce software tool that’s humanising ecommerce by diversifying influencers used to market their products. The scholarship also recognised five additional recipients with the Rising Star Award. The Legacy Lab named Chanice McClover-Lee, Keia Jones, Karyn Onyeneho, Stevens Leconte, Justin E. Bell, and Touré Owen as The Rising Stars of 2021.
“Socially conscious innovation is often not celebrated to the extent that it should be; however The Legacy Lab is playing a critical role in changing that. Their scholarship meaningfully alleviated the financial burden of pursuing entrepreneurship,” said last year’s recipient Kimiloluwa. “In a world where most people are only focused on growth or profit, their support empowered me to think more holistically about my company’s long term impact. I’m so glad that I applied, and would encourage any students who hope to be a mover and shaker to submit as well. “
This Scholarship is powered by The Giving Back Fund, an LA-based non-profit. Mary Mosteller, director of Philanthropic Partnerships at the Giving Back Fund, said, “The premise of this program is driven to help the most ingenious and passionate students–those with a clear vision to succeed. They inspire our team beyond compare, while revealing to us a glimpse of our own ikigai, or reason for being. This scholarship program is one of the most unique, engaging, and fun projects we are honoured to facilitate.”
The scholarship funds are intended as an investment in ongoing education: to help the chosen student achieve a personal ambition and subsidize school-related expenses. An ideal applicant would be an undergraduate or graduate level student attending college within the United States, studying with the intent of creating positive, enduring change. The application asks students to submit a video response to the following questions:
More information on The Legacy Lab Foundation Scholarship and application requirements can be found here
The deadline for submission is 9am PT on Monday October 24th, 2022, and the chosen scholar will be identified in December of this year.
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