April 15, 2024

Creative Real Estate Financing

Creative financing is an sometimes unconventional approach used by real estate investors buying land or properties. Such creative financing strategies are designed to facilitate the purchase of real estate property or real estate by the investor for a lower amount of money. Creative financing in real estate involves using specialized tactics to either limit how much cash is involved in a transaction, to avoid using a traditional lender, or to do both. Most successful real estate investors have relied on both traditional sources of capital and creative financing options to help them acquire properties. 

Not only does creative financing enable investors to buy properties using a smaller amount of their own money, but creative financing allows them to get multiple deals. Did you know creative financing is the most preferable and profitable way of buying and selling properties, but very few investors are taking full advantage of this invaluable tool. As possibly one of the most underrated creative property financing techniques used in todays markets, Seller Finance remains an extremely viable strategy to finance a related transaction. 

In seller financing, a real estate seller agrees to hold onto a purchase note. As long as the seller owns the property and is free from any debt obligations, he or she may offer the investor an option for Seller Finance, otherwise known as Owner Finance. The investor and the seller will simply negotiate a purchase price and terms for a financing arrangement, with the investor agreeing to make direct payments to the seller before completion of the purchase. 

Creative financing methods give the investor leverage to buy or control homes that are worth between four and 10 times more than they would have had if using cash to buy them. Creative financing methods for real estate investors are extremely important, as an investor needs more cash when they are becoming more successful, regardless of how much cash they have. 

Even if a lot of sellers turn down most creative financing strategies, you will be able to help many homeowners who would be impossible to reach by investors paying only cash. In many cases, finding better financing will require investors to get a bit creative. Privately held loans typically have a far better funding cost and interest rate, but they might not always be available when investors need them.  

Traditional financing options are typically provided by financial institutions, banks, and mortgage lenders. Hard money lenders are the only major means to financing the deals that investors today have available to them; they are the culmination of the creative financing strategies practiced by property investors of almost all levels. Hard money is one of the most common sources of funding for real estate investors. This kind of funding is almost always asset-based – meaning that a lender will look at the property in question in order to decide the loans terms, not the borrowers creditworthiness. The purpose of creative financing is typically to buy, or fund, the property using the buyers/investors as little money as possible, aka, leveraging.  

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